Day Three! Yes, Day Three!!

The weather has been gorgeous, and it’s too hard to pass up the time in the woods.

I wandered back to Salt Fork. This time I parked in my ‘traditional’ spot where I run my normal loop.

I PR’d my first mile. 16.03. Now this includes a climb straight out of the meadow. Usually this is an 18 (or higher) minute mile. But I was running everything. I had Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself” ringing in my head. My husband says no men really like Billy Idol, only chicks. Guys listen because the chicks are. Is this true?

I decided to do some mapping of trails. I was curious what the mileage would be if I took a certain branch of the yellow blazed trail. So when I got to the point where the purple and yellow trail intersected, I reset my watch to zero.

There were actual people out on the trails today, which is usually surprising for me. I did have music in one ear, but I was being vigilant to look for hikers and the horses.

I did a new loop, with several trails, to see what the mileage would be. It was interesting, because I could see other trails through the woods, so I now know of several different trails I cold take for various mileage.

I finished the little loop I had started in 3.1 miles. Since I already had 4 miles in, I decided to cut across the road and bushwhack back to the trail on the other side.

I’ve done this before, but the spot I chose? Perfect. I did not go more than 50 feet where I emerged into a little meadow. It looked familiar. I look at the ground. Not less than 10 feet away is the trail. And the spot I am at? Less than 1/4 from where my vehicle is parked. Perfect. Now I have many more trail options, important going into the winter monthes. I have better knowledge of where I can run more (or less) without getting lost.

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