Today it’s Hills

As I sit here and type this and drink my coffee. I’ve got 30 minutes to drink coffee, wake up, eat a little something, then off for my first hill workout.

I’m going to DRIVE 3 miles to my target hill. Park at a gas wellhead, run a bit as a warm out, then tackle my hill.

Today is just going to be about establishing a baseline. Walk up the hill, run down, recover, repeat. See how much time is involved. See if I can do this 3 or 4 times.
Then jog a bit to recover, then DRIVE home.

Now the reason I am not running over to the target hill is, that would take me..36 minutes each way. I don’t have enough time before work, to spend running to the planned workout, executing, then running home.

Maybe later, when I’ve improved more..

It’s been a good week of training so far. Monday was a needed day off. Tuesday I ran 10 miles in an average 11.09 pace, on the flat asphalt bike trail. I went to the gym to check out all the equipment there. Wednesday was my ‘walking day’. This is to improve my walking speed on the rough gravel road on the property. I’m so glad Lloyd stressed the importance of a training log. I did the exact same mileage, 2.91 miles, as one month ago. But I did it 4 minutes faster!! Had I not recorded it, I would not have even realized this.

Now it’s off to refill this cup of coffee..

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