Two Days of Trail Running

Since I worked the last 8 of 9 days-no wonder I was a wreck-it was nice to get to my four day weekend.
I spent the last two days running trails at Salt Fork-following what will mostly be the loop for the Bigfoot 50K race. This is going to be a very runnable course. There are some hills, but the trails selected are very fine. Not very technical at all.
Consequently, I found myself RUNNING most of the course. I am getting out of the habit of walk breaks, just because. I even ran UP some of the smaller hills-it about killed me at the top, but I did it.
It was a nice two days of running. I felt much stronger and faster.

I also came to the decision that I need to delete the phrase “slow runner” from my vocabulary. Others had chided me for labelling myself that way.I think after a sub 5 hour road marathon and a sub seven hour 50K, I will remove that tag from my pysche.
So here on out, any time I hear myself thinking as myself in that old fashion, I’m going to banish the thought. Reframe it to a positive statement. No long a slow runner, an IMPROVING Runner.

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