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My week of Inside Workouts

The white-tailed deer is the most popular game animal in Ohio, frequently pursued by generations of hunters. Ohio ranks 8th nationally in annual hunting-related sales and 10th in the number of jobs associated with the hunting-related industry. Each year, hunting has a $859 million economic impact in Ohio through the sale of equipment, fuel, food, lodging and more.
A total of six deer may be harvested in eastern and southeastern Ohio’s Zone C (38 counties) through the week long gun season. The antlerless deer permit will be valid for deer-gun week only in Zone C.

Deer Gun Season is the second holiday of November here in southern Ohio. This is the week of the year that I eschew outside workouts. After living here for years now, I don’t really feel that safe on the roads around here.
So, my week of indoor workouts:
Monday: Day off. OR, I may do some incline walking on the treadmill.
Tuesday: Visit the YMCA, figure out how to use the rowing machine. Run some miles on their treadmill, and use the Stair Master.
Wednesday: My day off this week from work. Usually a long outside run. I think I will revisit the YMCA again, use their treadmill/elliptical and Stair Master for a two hour work out.
Thursday: Treadmill run at home.
Friday: Scheduled day off from running
Saturday: Long Run…what does that mean on the treadmill?
Sunday: Again, improvised work out.

And there is a provision to the workouts this week: They may, at any time, get superceded by the need to harvest deer. If all works out, I will be cleaning and wrapping deer for the freezer.
Last year, I cut and cleaned deer three days in a row. Tedious yes, but when you like to eat very healthy (and cheaply when you kill deer on your own property, thereby needing no permit) hunting supercedes workouts.


Beauty of a day on the trails. I got out for around five miles. I was a little tired.


Still, I exceeded what my planned mileage for the week. I had guestimated around 33 miles, I ended up with 34.nov281

Nice sunny day on the trails. Really appreciated that sunshine.


Small Victory

It was cold this morning. I garbed up to drive a short distance to Salt Fork, my state park in my back yard.
As I left the nice warm house, the wind hit me. I shuddered.

Then I thought to myself, it’s going to be cold for TWOT. And Reverse Ring.

And that was all I needed to say to myself. I got in the vehicle and went out to train and run.

The switch has been flipped.

I just hope the forward momentum will continue, after December 8, where I will know my fate.


Courage is defined as weighing in and recording it the Day after Thanksgiving!

I’m up 2.5 lbs which I expected. I’ve been hovering around 22-23 lbs lost for the last couple of weeks.

I picked up the measuring tape to see where my waist and hip measurements were, as I was shopping for Christmas items for the husband to give to me..

Happy to see I had lost 0.5 inch off my chest, 1 inch off the waist, and one inch off the hips since I had lost measured and recorded, in September! So progress keeps getting made!

I am an on-line subscriber of Weight Watchers. WW is revising their “points” system on Monday, so I am looking forward to the new program. I think it’s going to be much more time-consuming (as a long time WW’er, I’ve had points of many many foods memorized) in the beginning, but it will also be as a “Fresh Start”. I believe this should kick-start my next phase of weight loss. I expect to be 15 pounds lighter by May!

Oh, and for anyone wanting to lose weight, don’t wait “Till after the holidays”. Really? Why then need to lose another 5 lbs on top of what you want to lose? It’s really a good feeling to get through the Christmas season either weight-neutral or down a few pounds. Why not weigh in December 1 and either eat correct or exercise enough (and that could be alot of exercise!!) to drop a few pounds?

I’ll put my money where my mouth is. I will lose 5 lbs by January 1 2011. That would be these 2.5 lbs I’ve put back on, and 2.5 more. Doable!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s the latest running video from Matt Hart:

I’m thankful for many things. I’m in a very good spot right now in my life, much more content than I have been in the last two years or so. Let’s call it a midlife crisis.
I’m truly happy these days again. Many thanks to my friends for being there.


I got 6.48 miles in today, since the rain subsided, and I got out for a pretty nice mild weather run.

For motivation, I got this from the NEO Trail Forum today:

Ohio Stats for MMT

Average time is 31:45
Median time is 31:50
Fastest is Regis Shivers Jr at 24:41 in 1999.
Slowest is Stephen Wirick at 35:42:03 in 2008.
Average age is 42.8 years old.
Youngest was Gabe Rainwater at 30:15:12 in 2009 at age 21.
Oldest was Mark Calcatera at 34:36:28 in 2010 at age 61.
81 finishes from 38 gentlemen.
25 gentlemen have 1 finish.
Only 13 have been succesful in multiple attempts.
Most is Roy Heger with 11 finishes.

There are at least 4 guys and 3 women on the Visitor’s List from Ohio.


How’s that from motivation from friends?

Road Running Dangers

So I survive running around the rocky trails of western PA for two days, including opening day of bear season, to draw more blood on an out-and-back here on the home roads!
I opened the door to see what the temperature was like. I was stoked to see it was between 55 and 60 degrees! Wheee, I was out the door!
A bio break called around 3 miles. A dash into the woods. I caught some briars on the leg, saw a little pinprick of blood. I glanced down a few minutes later, blood is pouring down my leg. I try to swipe it off, but all I do is smear it around. I caught some good looks from some Amish kids walking down the road to the schoolhouse!

I was pleased to see my running mileage for last week was 64.8 miles. My goal was 50, push for 60 miles. I am planning on trying to get my weekly mileage up a bit.

This week’s goal is get back to journalling and following WW Points system. Well, I probably won’t journal on Thanksgiving (maybe I should try though) but I don’t go hog wild on that day either.

Ok! Now off to get that stretching done!