I got 6.48 miles in today, since the rain subsided, and I got out for a pretty nice mild weather run.

For motivation, I got this from the NEO Trail Forum today:

Ohio Stats for MMT

Average time is 31:45
Median time is 31:50
Fastest is Regis Shivers Jr at 24:41 in 1999.
Slowest is Stephen Wirick at 35:42:03 in 2008.
Average age is 42.8 years old.
Youngest was Gabe Rainwater at 30:15:12 in 2009 at age 21.
Oldest was Mark Calcatera at 34:36:28 in 2010 at age 61.
81 finishes from 38 gentlemen.
25 gentlemen have 1 finish.
Only 13 have been succesful in multiple attempts.
Most is Roy Heger with 11 finishes.

There are at least 4 guys and 3 women on the Visitor’s List from Ohio.


How’s that from motivation from friends?

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