Road Running Dangers

So I survive running around the rocky trails of western PA for two days, including opening day of bear season, to draw more blood on an out-and-back here on the home roads!
I opened the door to see what the temperature was like. I was stoked to see it was between 55 and 60 degrees! Wheee, I was out the door!
A bio break called around 3 miles. A dash into the woods. I caught some briars on the leg, saw a little pinprick of blood. I glanced down a few minutes later, blood is pouring down my leg. I try to swipe it off, but all I do is smear it around. I caught some good looks from some Amish kids walking down the road to the schoolhouse!

I was pleased to see my running mileage for last week was 64.8 miles. My goal was 50, push for 60 miles. I am planning on trying to get my weekly mileage up a bit.

This week’s goal is get back to journalling and following WW Points system. Well, I probably won’t journal on Thanksgiving (maybe I should try though) but I don’t go hog wild on that day either.

Ok! Now off to get that stretching done!

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