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Interval Workout

I did my first interval type workout at the gym last night.

You know I am turning into some serious training machine when I was looking forward to my workout all day long!

The only set back was the Stair Master (there is only one) at the gym was out of order! That was part of my program!

I started out by running a mile at a slower pace to get all warmed up. Then I set the tread to a 10 minute mile pace and ran for five minutes. I hopped off and went to the ellipitcal, for 5 minutes, which was around 0.6 miles.

I then repeated this four times on each machine. On the third treadmill interval, I cranked it to 6.1 MPH, which was a 9.49 minute mile. It’s funny, with the mindset of “only five minutes” how I could hold that pace.

I wish the stair master had been working. I worked up a great sweat (the YWCA was far too warm!) and think I scared some people there.

Oh, and the other added benefit of working out at the gym? I finished up, then remembered to get my stretching routine in also before I left!

20 in 10 Recap

My 20 in 10 Recap. I’m not going into any long detail on any item

* Get my podcast going-did not accomplish. It’s on the agenda for 2011
* Finish the WV Trilogy-did not accomplish. DNF’d the 50 mile event. I believe I will be returning in 2011 and I WILL Finish!
* Call my mother more-I hope I did this better
* Read one book a week-not sure if I am reading one book per week, I am reading more overall
* Run a 5K-didn’t make it. Didn’t want to give up a morning training for that short of a run
* Lose 20 lbs-YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!
* Learn to swim-no. Shoulder injury from a fall prevented this. On the agenda for 2011
* Run a marathon/ultra in a new state-did not accomplish. I stuck around the neighboring states-Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania. I did a new race/event in each of these states though.
* Leave blogging comments more-yes
* Go to wine country with hubby-yes
* Implement weight training/core routine-NO. FAIL.
* Run 50 Miles at URINEO-YES
* Complete Laurel Highlands 70 Mile Race-no. DNF around mile 62. I may return in 2011, it depends on recovery after my MMT Finish.

I’ve got a few items to work on. I will get back on the core routine. Going to the gym may help with this.

My Day Off

I finally did it. I dumped all* my running gear out, and sorted through it. I have several running skirts that don’t fit any longer. I’m too small! (Hee hee hee)

I sorted everything out-bondi bands, gaiters, socks in one pile. I went through my socks, threw out six or eight Injinjis that I’ve worn through on the bottom. I think I am going to have to stop buying them. It’s far cheaper to just tape my toes that wear a 15 dollar pair of socks 2 or 3 times and then have them wear out. Bras and underwear in another pile-yep, got rid of two bras that the elasticity has seen the better days.
Tank tops, short sleeve shirts, long sleeved shirts, separate piles. I know there are more singlet type shirts upstairs. Shorts and skirts, and long bottoms in separate piles.

I was sad to sort through my skirts! These were my original running skirts! We had been through alot together!

Now to put them away in some better order than stored previously..

I kept waiting for a warm up before my long run. I started out in a Lands End long underwear top, with a merino wool top over that. I wore long underwear under my tights.

FAIL! Within two miles, with the sun beating down, I was baking!!! I took the top layer off, felt much better. Well, at least I know that those two tops together is a nice warm layer. Good knowledge for later runs.

I also experimented with some malto dextrin/protein powder as my energy supply. This seemed to work fine, so I may be exploring this as a running food supply more.

*there’s some more summer gear upstairs that I didn’t feel like dealing with.

#reverb10 Prompt

I’m so far behind on the reverb 10 ruminations, I’m just going to go with the current one…

Prompt: Defining moment. Describe a defining moment or series of events that has affected your life this year.

Bursting into this meadow on Friday of the WV Trilogy. Seeing nature in her finest, knowing there was only 10 to 20 folks out there in the world who were going to see this view. And being very happy that I wasn’t at work, shopping, at school-able to take a Friday off and experience nature. I was very happy, even though this was an entire uphill hike through this meadow. (And then I drank all my water and ran out…)

Bottle It!

I just wish there was a way to capture the feeling. The feeling, on a cold winter run in Ohio, where, at mile 1.2, you’re good. The fingers can be uncurled in the gloves, the Buff Band is pulled off the head, and the legs are warming up. You’re on a downhill and feeling fine.

I wish you could put that into a little liquid, and pour that into a shot glass. Then, as you putz around the house, procrastinating, you could take the shot, and get that feeling. And my, would that get you out the door!

I got a new jacket. As you can see, it’s too big. I bought it that way on purpose. It’s so I can fit it over the hydration vest. It’s from Merrell, with both wind-resistant and breathable. I wore it with a capilene shirt, a merino wool shirt and the jacket. I liked it. I liked being able to zip it up and down to help with heat control.

Oh yeah, the run. 6.3 miles in 1 hour 24 minutes. One unplanned bathroom stop. I should probably stick to oatmeal vs a bagel for a pre-run breakfast.

Boxing Day on the Trails

A light snow fell as I started my run. It was beautiful. There was probaly a 1/2 inch of new snow down, covering everything.

A peaceful day in the woods. I shared trail with some turkeys and some deer, and one startled blue jay.

I felt fine on this run, fatigue is gone. I took Christmas Eve and Day off from working out; I indulged in a few treats. But that was yesterday, and today is back to a normal training day.

138 days until MMT!