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Training Run at Mohican

Today was the 25K Training Run for the “Forget the PR” Race. I left my house early, hoping to get some extra miles in. The roads were very dicey that early,so it took me two hours to drive there, rather than the usual 1.5 hours. So I didn’t get in any extra miles.

This is Big Lyons Falls.This was the stalagmite 24 days ago:

Here it is today:

A good day on the trails. The fast runners went out and packed down the trail. Very runnable. Got to spend more time on the trails with Mark Carroll again, so that was nice.
I experimented with both more gear and nutrition. I learned I sweat like the dickens on the climbs, so I wore a wicking shirt, with a merino wool shirt over that. A little cold at the start, but warmed right up. I did carry a ultra light windbreaker in my pack in case I got cold. The nutrition I will address in a separate post soon.

Rob’s new course is scenic and challenging. I think the runners are going to both like (and hate) this course!!

New and Old School Mohican

Terri Lemke and I met up at Mohican State Park/Forest for a winter run today.

New School: we followed what we believe to be the new “Forget the PR” 50K portion from Campground A to the Fire Tower. This does take us up the BigAss Hill (as it is known) and then to the Gasline Hill, pictured below:

We then took the mountain bike trail down to the Covered Bridge. Terri had brought water, and we refueled there.
I mentioned taking the “Old School” Orange Loop up. Terri had forgotten about this!
The “Old Orange” loop started straight up the hill, right behind the Covered Bridge. I had forgotten how steep the trail goes UP the hill, despite the switchbacks!
And yep, folks, that trail is still right there.
This takes this by the Ranger House for the Mohican State Forest (the Mohican State Park and Forest border each other) and this looked like a brand new sign on the Ranger Work Quarters:

Terri had almost forgotten this “old route” and we had fun chatting about how the old Mohican course just about wraps back and forth on itself.

Trails were not too bad, just a few inches of snow to plow through. Good effort for 18 miles of trail  midweek!!!

Monday Motivation

Today’s workout was a Gombu inspiration:

5% incline, at a 4.0 to 4.1 MPH speed (walking.)

As an added inspiration, I printed out some rock photos taken from a MMT training run I found on FB.
Can’t see the rocks? Look here:

Yes, the trail is the orange blaze through here.

Having the rocks in front of me inspired me to nail that work out. 108 days to train.

Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

Well, not actually, I just like that title to the Jimmy Buffett song. Actually it’s about planning your training week. The first action I take is to consult the oracle and see what the weather might be doing for the week. This week, it’s actually not bad. Of course, I say “not bad” because the last few days our high temperature has been around 20 degrees F.

The next item I look at is what day off I have during the week. I work 4 10 hour shifts, which means I have one week day off. I like that, because I usually get a longer run in on that day, if there is not something else planned.

This week should be back to a solid week of training. Last week was a recovery week. Now it’s time to bring the training miles back up.

I am thinking of a 20 mile run at Mohican on Wednesday. The weekend is a dilemma. Saturday is the annual Buckeye Trail Fat Ass-in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. But also this weekend is two training runs at Mohican, on the  new “Forget the PR” 25 and 50K course.

I will get more hill miles in if I attend the Sunday Training Run at Mohican-but less miles. If I attend the BT FA, I know I will probably get the 50K miles in. (And add to my score on the NEO Trail “King of the Miles” contest. And I will get to hang out with my NEO Trail friends.

What I would LIKE to do, is attend the BT FA, and then run at Mohican on Sunday! But that’s pushing the spouse envelope just a bit there..

More Cold Weather Running

A quote from Mark’s FB wall:

This storm won’t make Mohican one foot shorter. It won’t change it’s elevation by an inch. It won’t make it one degree cooler or one percent less humid. The course will still be there waiting for us in June. And so I’m putting on my shoes and going out for one.”

I spent most of the morning reading about the 2010 MMT race, then I decided I should get out and train for MMT.

I went with fewer layers-long underwear and running tights, and my Lands’ End underwear top and blue running jacket. I gave the husband my planned longer running route-around 12 miles.

It was a bit colder, and there was some wind today. My torso was getting pretty cold, so I made the left hand turn for 6.9 miles instead of the planned 12.

As I was walking up my last hill, a car stopped. The nice woman inside introduced herself, pointed out her house down the road, and told me to stop in if I ever needed anything-water, bathroom break. That was so nice to meet another neighbor!

Cold Weather Running

The running clothes run down:

Dry Max winter socks
Silk long underwear
Running tights
Wind pants

Long underwear top
Merino wool shirt

Merino Wool Buff
Bala clava

1.50 Dollar Knit Gloves
28.00 Dollar Windbreaker Mittens

I waited until noon to run, wanting to get the warmest temperature of the day.

It was 14 degrees F when I started, 20 degrees when I finished my 6.9 miles around the block.

The fleece balaclava got too warm around mile one, which I planned for. I swapped it out for my merino wool Buff and my lower face mask.
I was over dressed for the weather. I have to say, my long underwear top-from Lands End-works! The two times I have worn it, I have been too hot. This might be the top for the Reverse Ring night in February. I was sweating on my climbs.

I’m so glad I got out there and tested gear today. My hands were too warm in my cheapo knit gloves and over priced Sugoi windbreaker mittens-but again, probably good gear for my February training runs.


Yay for me. I actually hit this last Thursday, I weighed in before leaving for North Carolina. Then I forgot to log it in on Friday, my usual on-line “weigh in” day. Then I return home from the race, and, on Monday, step on the scale-up seven pounds! I believe this is due to your body reacting to the stress it is going through-releasing the hormone vasopressin which causes fluid retention. It takes a few days for the body to return to normal.
Still, it’s annoying and distressing to the pysche!
I got back to journalling my food on Wednesday. I’ve just been non-stop hungry for the last few days. I guess my engine is running so well that it needs fuel. But I still want to get more weight off-I could lose 15 more pounds, that would be about optimal for me. (WW says my “ideal weight” would be a range of 107-137 pounds-I don’t see how that would ever happen. I’m far too muscular for that.)

So, thirty pound goal hit. Next target: 162 lbs. I keep the goals small so they are approachable. Kind of like running from Aid Station to Aid Station in an ultra.