Cold Weather Running

The running clothes run down:

Dry Max winter socks
Silk long underwear
Running tights
Wind pants

Long underwear top
Merino wool shirt

Merino Wool Buff
Bala clava

1.50 Dollar Knit Gloves
28.00 Dollar Windbreaker Mittens

I waited until noon to run, wanting to get the warmest temperature of the day.

It was 14 degrees F when I started, 20 degrees when I finished my 6.9 miles around the block.

The fleece balaclava got too warm around mile one, which I planned for. I swapped it out for my merino wool Buff and my lower face mask.
I was over dressed for the weather. I have to say, my long underwear top-from Lands End-works! The two times I have worn it, I have been too hot. This might be the top for the Reverse Ring night in February. I was sweating on my climbs.

I’m so glad I got out there and tested gear today. My hands were too warm in my cheapo knit gloves and over priced Sugoi windbreaker mittens-but again, probably good gear for my February training runs.

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