More Cold Weather Running

A quote from Mark’s FB wall:

This storm won’t make Mohican one foot shorter. It won’t change it’s elevation by an inch. It won’t make it one degree cooler or one percent less humid. The course will still be there waiting for us in June. And so I’m putting on my shoes and going out for one.”

I spent most of the morning reading about the 2010 MMT race, then I decided I should get out and train for MMT.

I went with fewer layers-long underwear and running tights, and my Lands’ End underwear top and blue running jacket. I gave the husband my planned longer running route-around 12 miles.

It was a bit colder, and there was some wind today. My torso was getting pretty cold, so I made the left hand turn for 6.9 miles instead of the planned 12.

As I was walking up my last hill, a car stopped. The nice woman inside introduced herself, pointed out her house down the road, and told me to stop in if I ever needed anything-water, bathroom break. That was so nice to meet another neighbor!

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