New and Old School Mohican

Terri Lemke and I met up at Mohican State Park/Forest for a winter run today.

New School: we followed what we believe to be the new “Forget the PR” 50K portion from Campground A to the Fire Tower. This does take us up the BigAss Hill (as it is known) and then to the Gasline Hill, pictured below:

We then took the mountain bike trail down to the Covered Bridge. Terri had brought water, and we refueled there.
I mentioned taking the “Old School” Orange Loop up. Terri had forgotten about this!
The “Old Orange” loop started straight up the hill, right behind the Covered Bridge. I had forgotten how steep the trail goes UP the hill, despite the switchbacks!
And yep, folks, that trail is still right there.
This takes this by the Ranger House for the Mohican State Forest (the Mohican State Park and Forest border each other) and this looked like a brand new sign on the Ranger Work Quarters:

Terri had almost forgotten this “old route” and we had fun chatting about how the old Mohican course just about wraps back and forth on itself.

Trails were not too bad, just a few inches of snow to plow through. Good effort for 18 miles of trail  midweek!!!

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