Yay for me. I actually hit this last Thursday, I weighed in before leaving for North Carolina. Then I forgot to log it in on Friday, my usual on-line “weigh in” day. Then I return home from the race, and, on Monday, step on the scale-up seven pounds! I believe this is due to your body reacting to the stress it is going through-releasing the hormone vasopressin which causes fluid retention. It takes a few days for the body to return to normal.
Still, it’s annoying and distressing to the pysche!
I got back to journalling my food on Wednesday. I’ve just been non-stop hungry for the last few days. I guess my engine is running so well that it needs fuel. But I still want to get more weight off-I could lose 15 more pounds, that would be about optimal for me. (WW says my “ideal weight” would be a range of 107-137 pounds-I don’t see how that would ever happen. I’m far too muscular for that.)

So, thirty pound goal hit. Next target: 162 lbs. I keep the goals small so they are approachable. Kind of like running from Aid Station to Aid Station in an ultra.

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