Training Run at Mohican

Today was the 25K Training Run for the “Forget the PR” Race. I left my house early, hoping to get some extra miles in. The roads were very dicey that early,so it took me two hours to drive there, rather than the usual 1.5 hours. So I didn’t get in any extra miles.

This is Big Lyons Falls.This was the stalagmite 24 days ago:

Here it is today:

A good day on the trails. The fast runners went out and packed down the trail. Very runnable. Got to spend more time on the trails with Mark Carroll again, so that was nice.
I experimented with both more gear and nutrition. I learned I sweat like the dickens on the climbs, so I wore a wicking shirt, with a merino wool shirt over that. A little cold at the start, but warmed right up. I did carry a ultra light windbreaker in my pack in case I got cold. The nutrition I will address in a separate post soon.

Rob’s new course is scenic and challenging. I think the runners are going to both like (and hate) this course!!

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