Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

Well, not actually, I just like that title to the Jimmy Buffett song. Actually it’s about planning your training week. The first action I take is to consult the oracle and see what the weather might be doing for the week. This week, it’s actually not bad. Of course, I say “not bad” because the last few days our high temperature has been around 20 degrees F.

The next item I look at is what day off I have during the week. I work 4 10 hour shifts, which means I have one week day off. I like that, because I usually get a longer run in on that day, if there is not something else planned.

This week should be back to a solid week of training. Last week was a recovery week. Now it’s time to bring the training miles back up.

I am thinking of a 20 mile run at Mohican on Wednesday. The weekend is a dilemma. Saturday is the annual Buckeye Trail Fat Ass-in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. But also this weekend is two training runs at Mohican, on the  new “Forget the PR” 25 and 50K course.

I will get more hill miles in if I attend the Sunday Training Run at Mohican-but less miles. If I attend the BT FA, I know I will probably get the 50K miles in. (And add to my score on the NEO Trail “King of the Miles” contest. And I will get to hang out with my NEO Trail friends.

What I would LIKE to do, is attend the BT FA, and then run at Mohican on Sunday! But that’s pushing the spouse envelope just a bit there..

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