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Weight Loss and Running

Today’s run was a short 5 mile on the asphalt bike trail near where I work. I walk for about five minutes, until I cross a bridge, then I start my run. Slow at first, then settled into a comfortable pace. Not pushing it at all, just running, looked at the Garmin to see I was at a 10.19’ish mile pace. My friend told me that websites like Fitness Gains could give me some advice on how to improve the efficiency of my workouts to get the most out of my morning run. I should consider looking into what information they offer.

I was also listening to a podcast, Geeks in Running Shoes, who were interviewing a friend of mine, Ray, who has a great blog at DC Rainmaker. Ray was reviewing his top five gadgets for atheletes with the Geeks, and had mentioned the Withings Scale. He also mentioned that you gain about two seconds per mile with each pound loss.

As I ran, I did some swift (!) math in my head. 30 pounds lost, x 2= 1 minute faster. Yes, I am running about one or two minutes quicker than I did one year ago.

Of course, I like to use the more visually easier excercise:

Pick up the 30 lb bag of dog food. Now go run with it. Slows you down a bit. Put down the dog food bag. Amazing how much faster you are now!

Speaking of weight loss, I have stalled out the last 3-4 weeks. I haven’t been following WW very closely, and I do STILL want to lose 4-5 lbs before MMT. I really want to get into the 15X decade again. Perhaps I could try reading some keto supplements reviews 2020 and see if this can recommend me any keto supplements for weight loss. This along with some exercise and great dieting is sure to make me lose a decent amount of weight, right? I’m going to do everything in my power to be able to achieve this, as I want to feel more confident again. My friend did a similar thing a couple of months ago and she looked great, but she said she didn’t really feel it herself which was sad. She said that her weight loss had left her with excess skin that made her uncomfortable; that was until she decided to get a tummy tuck in Newport Beach, CA to get rid of it. I thought she looked great before, but I have to say, she looks amazing now. I want to look like my friend too, so that is what I’m striving to achieve. It’s also good to know that there are options out there that can help with excess skin and fat, in case I have the same problem too.

My goal for this WW week is to journal every day. This is what makes WW very successful. I will journal and track all my food and wine and activity. Let’s see if I can make this push for a few more pounds gone!

Coyote Stalking

My husband and I were out on the trails this morning. We dug up some ramps (wild leeks) to both eat and plant on our land in the hopes of a little ramp-grove of our own.

Other than it being very windy, nice day out. We saw about a dozen deer on our hike. Then we spotted what I thought was a fox, the husband said was a coyote. It was too far on the hill above to really see well.

The husband returned home and I commenced down the trail for a short run. Travelling down the trail, in front of me, oblivious, was the coyote. I stalked him for about a 1/4 mile, he never saw me, when he jumped off the trail, crossed a stream and went off his merry way. He looked like a scroungy dog, with a very unkempt tail. Small, but not as small as a fox.

The rest of the day was spent planting ramps, and transplanting vegetable plants into larger pots.


I think my re-direct actually worked!!!

This is still Kimba, the site was I simply moved all my ‘stuff’ over to my own URL, here.

I finally decided, if I was going to work on my writing in a more serious manner, that I needed to utilize my URL, whic I have had for quite a while.

So, welcome. The page is a little bare, but I will be tinkering with. Change is good I think.

Best Spring Fun So Far!

I did get out of work a little early…way early. I immediately went over to Salt Fork State Park and hopped on the trails.
A huge thunderstorm had just blown through, so the wind was reduced. I planned on running the hiking trails, since they went up and down hills,and around hillsides, so I knew they would have better drainage than the bridle trails.
What a day for a run! It’s finally greening up here. The May Apples are up, a few days early, the streams are now babbling brooks. Many of the trees have their early green icing of early leaves.
Slim made the comment I have no bad runs, and that’s not quite true. There’s runs where I haven’t felt the love (usually road miles). This was not one of these days. I ran, with a big smile on my face, through streams, down muddy paths, even splashed into the lake which is a few feet higher than normal due to the recent rains.
Climbing up a hill, toward the end of my run, I remembered morels! But I was too focused on my run for any foraging.
Oh, did I mention the weather was around 73 F and humid? It was actually quite pleasant, the storm blew most of the humidity away.  Just a lucky unexpected 5 mile race, much better than what I had planned!

Today’s Words and Weather

What I have been writing on the blog, courtesy of Tagxedo Creator:

And here’s the weather forecast for today:

“Windy with rain showers this morning, then strong thunderstorms developing this afternoon. Damaging winds, large hail, and possibly a tornado with some storms. High around 75F. Winds SSE at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of rain 80%.”

I like the way they threw “possibly a tornado” into the middle-just covering all the bases!

I will throw “gym clothes” into the running bag. Currently in the running bag are “Trail Running Clothes” since I was planning on hitting the trails after maybe, possibly, getting out of work a few minute early.

No trail run in a tornado or lightning storm. Rain I can handle. I know the trails are just water pits, but if I run the hilly trails, they have a better chance of drainage.
So if not, off to the gym. I only got in thirty minutes on my home treadmill last night-I just was not feeling the love. If I run at the gym, I tend to run better and not lolly-gag and stay on the machine better.

Best Spring Day Yet

This was to be my last long run, before MMT. I bowed out of the Chocolate Bunny, a 40 mile run on the MMT course at night. I did not feel I could travel to Virginia, run 40 miles, drive home, and recover for work in enough time for Monday. I did not want to get into an energy deficit, so this was the best decision.
This also allowed me to go north with my husband and spend the afternoon with his family. His sister had flown in from Texas, and this was the first time we saw our fat little one year old adorable niece! Another surprise, was our nephews were up from Virginia,unplanned-their grandfather had passed away, so that was why they were along.
I had actually gotten a workout in Friday, before leaving time. 15 minutes on the tread, at 10% incline, then we walked the dogs, then I continued my walk on the gravelled FAA road for another 1/2 hour. I’m still trying to get about 4-5 pounds more off before MMT.

On Saturday morning, we took the dogs out for their walk. I was also on the lookout for morels. I found one. I wasn’t going to harvest it, then my dog walked on it and broke it.

I also decided it was too nice NOT to go to the woods and run. So glad I did. I took a different trail, one I had not been on for about one year. I was in the waterfall photography mode, and went off piste, to try and get some water shots, when SHAZAAM! I spotted them!!!

RAMPS!!!!!!! Wild Leeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And lots and lots of them! 

Ramps, (Allium tricoccum or Allium tricoccum var. burdickii, Alliaceae) also known as wild leeks, are native to the Appalachian mountain region in eastern North America . Ramps can be found growing in patches in rich, moist, deciduous forests as far north as Canada, west to Missouri and Minnesota, and south to North Carolina and Tennessee. As one of the first plants to emerge in the spring, ramps were traditionally consumed as the seasons first “greens.” They were considered a tonic because they provided necessary vitamins and minerals following long winter months without access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Ramps are pleasant to eat and taste like spring onions with a strong garlic-like aroma. They are often prepared by frying in butter or animal fat with sliced potatoes or scrambled eggs. They are also used as an ingredient in other dishes such as soup, pancakes, and hamburgers. They can also be pickled or dried for use later in the year.

I have been looking for these for years down here. I’ve wanted to dig up a bunch so I can propagate on my property.  I found a stick and managed to dig up a small bunch. I then stuffed them into my hydration vest. Then I smelled like an onion for the rest of my run.

With all the rain we have been receiving, the streams are flowing and there are magnificent little waterfalls everywhere. I took the time to stop and admire them. This run was more “time on my feet” than mileage.

It was great to run in a singlet and running skirt again too! This was also a wardrobe try out. My running skirt failed, I spent far too much time pulling on the compression shorts, that skirt is out for MMT. The other gear was a new pair of Injini socks in a smaller size. They seemed to fit just fine, so that will probably be the MMT socks.

After my running, I was already muddy, so I planted my ramps and then did some weed pulling in the garden beds-wow, gardening is hard work! Using different muscle groups there from all running!

Happy Earth Day!!

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle
This should be a no-brainer for folks by this time, but I still see full cans of trash with items that could have been sorted for recycling.
We recycle anything we can-steel, aluminum, plastic, paper. Old clothes I don’t fit into (cuz I’m small now!) go to Goodwill. Old running shoes (the ones I don’t use to garden and mow the lawn in) go to the Amish down the road.
We compost everything. I have seven raised beds for my vegetables. One bed functions as a compost pile for one year. Anything from the kitchen goes into the compost-included coffee grounds and filter. I wince when I see folks throwing organic matter into the regular trash.  With this rotation of compost, I can proudly saw I’ve got great dirt!


This great dirt is to grow great food. I’ve got spinach, Swiss chard, jalapenos, basil, cayenne, butternut squash, zucchini, cucumbers, are growing from seed right now. They are still in the plant room in the house. Some other hot peppers I have purchased on line, and my tomato plants will be bought from the Amish greenhouse down the road-why fuss with them, when I can buy them already started.

Re-use-I try to do this. When caught out in the open, without my own numerous water bottles, sometimes I have to purchase a  bottled water. When I do, I usually use it for days or weeks. I also travel in my vehicle with a gallon (or more) of water and refill as needed. Cheaper and runners always need water. Gallon jugs get bleached out and re-used, over and over.

So take a moment  today, and pick up some trash, plant some seeds, do something kind for Mother Earth!