Best Spring Fun So Far!

I did get out of work a little early…way early. I immediately went over to Salt Fork State Park and hopped on the trails.
A huge thunderstorm had just blown through, so the wind was reduced. I planned on running the hiking trails, since they went up and down hills,and around hillsides, so I knew they would have better drainage than the bridle trails.
What a day for a run! It’s finally greening up here. The May Apples are up, a few days early, the streams are now babbling brooks. Many of the trees have their early green icing of early leaves.
Slim made the comment I have no bad runs, and that’s not quite true. There’s runs where I haven’t felt the love (usually road miles). This was not one of these days. I ran, with a big smile on my face, through streams, down muddy paths, even splashed into the lake which is a few feet higher than normal due to the recent rains.
Climbing up a hill, toward the end of my run, I remembered morels! But I was too focused on my run for any foraging.
Oh, did I mention the weather was around 73 F and humid? It was actually quite pleasant, the storm blew most of the humidity away.  Just a lucky unexpected 5 mile race, much better than what I had planned!

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