Happy Earth Day!!

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle
This should be a no-brainer for folks by this time, but I still see full cans of trash with items that could have been sorted for recycling.
We recycle anything we can-steel, aluminum, plastic, paper. Old clothes I don’t fit into (cuz I’m small now!) go to Goodwill. Old running shoes (the ones I don’t use to garden and mow the lawn in) go to the Amish down the road.
We compost everything. I have seven raised beds for my vegetables. One bed functions as a compost pile for one year. Anything from the kitchen goes into the compost-included coffee grounds and filter. I wince when I see folks throwing organic matter into the regular trash.  With this rotation of compost, I can proudly saw I’ve got great dirt!


This great dirt is to grow great food. I’ve got spinach, Swiss chard, jalapenos, basil, cayenne, butternut squash, zucchini, cucumbers, are growing from seed right now. They are still in the plant room in the house. Some other hot peppers I have purchased on line, and my tomato plants will be bought from the Amish greenhouse down the road-why fuss with them, when I can buy them already started.

Re-use-I try to do this. When caught out in the open, without my own numerous water bottles, sometimes I have to purchase a  bottled water. When I do, I usually use it for days or weeks. I also travel in my vehicle with a gallon (or more) of water and refill as needed. Cheaper and runners always need water. Gallon jugs get bleached out and re-used, over and over.

So take a moment  today, and pick up some trash, plant some seeds, do something kind for Mother Earth!

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