Today’s Words and Weather

What I have been writing on the blog, courtesy of Tagxedo Creator:

And here’s the weather forecast for today:

“Windy with rain showers this morning, then strong thunderstorms developing this afternoon. Damaging winds, large hail, and possibly a tornado with some storms. High around 75F. Winds SSE at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of rain 80%.”

I like the way they threw “possibly a tornado” into the middle-just covering all the bases!

I will throw “gym clothes” into the running bag. Currently in the running bag are “Trail Running Clothes” since I was planning on hitting the trails after maybe, possibly, getting out of work a few minute early.

No trail run in a tornado or lightning storm. Rain I can handle. I know the trails are just water pits, but if I run the hilly trails, they have a better chance of drainage.
So if not, off to the gym. I only got in thirty minutes on my home treadmill last night-I just was not feeling the love. If I run at the gym, I tend to run better and not lolly-gag and stay on the machine better.

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