Weight Loss and Running

Today’s run was a short 5 mile on the asphalt bike trail near where I work. I walk for about five minutes, until I cross a bridge, then I start my run. Slow at first, then settled into a comfortable pace. Not pushing it at all, just running, looked at the Garmin to see I was at a 10.19’ish mile pace.

I was also listening to a podcast, Geeks in Running Shoes, who were interviewing a friend of mine, Ray, who has a great blog at DC Rainmaker. Ray was reviewing his top five gadgets for atheletes with the Geeks, and had mentioned the Withings Scale. He also mentioned that you gain about two seconds per mile with each pound loss.

As I ran, I did some swift (!) math in my head. 30 pounds lost, x 2= 1 minute faster. Yes, I am running about one or two minutes quicker than I did one year ago.

Of course, I like to use the more visually easier excercise:

Pick up the 30 lb bag of dog food. Now go run with it. Slows you down a bit. Put down the dog food bag. Amazing how much faster you are now!

Speaking of weight loss, I have stalled out the last 3-4 weeks. I haven’t been following WW very closely, and I do STILL want to lose 4-5 lbs before MMT. I really want to get into the 15X decade again.

My goal for this WW week is to journal every day. This is what makes WW very successful. I will journal and track all my food and wine and activity. Let’s see if I can make this push for a few more pounds gone!

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