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Repeating the Fundamentals

I like to read articles about training, and Endurance Corner is a nice website with articles written by various pro athletes.

One excerpt I liked from this article, by Gordo Byrn:

The Five Steps that directly impact performance:

  • The degree of internal/external harmony in your motivation and capacity to execute;
  • Creating a habit of daily action towards your goal;
  • Get the weight off and/or enhance recovery through nutrition;
  • Create the capacity to perform more work; and
  • The emotional maturity to stay the course and deliver results.

You’ll see that there isn’t a single protocol mentioned above. That’s because your protocol DOES NOT MATTER unless it is supported by a habit of personal excellence.
You’ll also see that, for athletics, you probably should tackle those steps in order. Looking at it another way:

  • Figure out why and create harmony to execute the how;
  • Do something daily;
  • Get the weight off;
  • Lift your work rate and total work completed; and
  • Learn how to deliver in training, then in racing.

Just AT Ruminations

I am up early to work-yes again-Day 4 of 6. Got told again I should take it easy with the running, so will do so. I may still go to Mohican and explore some new trails-and hike and run. Or I may take my compass to Salt Fork and do a little off-piste exploring, if the multi-flora rose briars haven’t gotten too big. Or that could be good way early Frozen Head Training.

I have been interested in stories of folks who have hiked the Appalachian Trail way before Adam and Kadra started on their epic journey this spring.

I just finished reading Jennifer Pharr Davis‘ book on her first AT hike: Becoming Odyssa: Epic Adventures on the Appalachian Trail. This was her story when she first hiked the AT, at age 21, just out of college. Pharr Davis went on to set the women’s record for the fastest speed hike on the trail.
In June, she is going for the overall record for speed hiking the AT. Her goal is to hike the entire 2,181-mile faster than the current overall speed record of 47 days, 13 hours and 31 minutes.

Another AT book recently read was “Awol on the AT” by David Miller, also an enjoyable read. Miller quits his job in order to hike the AT. Miller was at a different point in his life/career than Pharr Davis, so it was interesting reading these two books close together.

Do I want to hike/speed hike/run the AT? Not really.I have plenty of epic runs/races that I want to experience. I would like to do a long multi day hike or run, solo. Or as solo as I could make it.
Hiking/running the Buckeye Trail in Ohio sounds cool, but in reality, there is some good portions of the BT that are on roads. So that doesn’t interest me too much.
I had thought in the past it would be cool to solo the Laurel Highlands Trail, but I’ve pretty much done that in a race.
Oh well, I’ve got too much time on my hands of not running. But maybe I can conjure up the idea of some epic long run for the future.

Back to FOMO

Reading Facebook before work this morning, it seemed like everyone (except Mike Keller) was having epic long weekend party runs. And while I am not envious of that (it is my weekend to work, can’t change that) it made me restless again for a long run..or race.
So I consult and see the West Virginia Ridge Runner Marathon is June 4. It’s in Cairo, WV, which is just outside of Parkersburg, and I could drive to in around 1.5 hours.
I ask the husband about it, and since it’s a day trip, he says okay.
Then I keep thinking about it. It’s a ‘road’ race and should I be running a road race? Just because it’s there? Is it too soon to go for a long run after MMT?
I decide to not bug Slim with a training question like this, and think, well, what about running to Gnadehutten and back here…on the roads. But that’s not tripping my trigger either.
Well, maybe a marathon in Salt Fork? But would I do it? Would I just cut the mileage short?

Okay, if I am willing to drive 1.5 hours for a long run, what about MOHICAN????

Not the “new course” not the 2011 course..because I actually don’t know what the new course is.

I’m thinking about old school, old Blue Loop, old Red-Green section…maybe I won’t even venture up the old “new” Red, instead, take the creek bed which was the “old” Red start, with the bigger climb.

And then maybe, at Bridle Staging, venture down the “Yellow” and “Blue” horse bridle trails, to see where those will take me.With Mohican trails not being focused as training for the Mohican 100, I feel free to wander where I may.

Okay! I feel better! Long run scheduled for Friday or Saturday!

Two Surprises

I got out for a 10K around the block here. I really wanted to go to the woods, but were waiting on the mechanic to call us back about our vehicle.
So I went off on my around the block. It’s mainly a dirt road, so it’s more like trail than most people get.
First surprise-there is a hill, that I have labored up, in the past. This hill was very easy to walk up today. Yes, still walking it, but, it’s just not that big anymore. So goal for this summer? Run UP the hill.

Second surprise-dogs at the top of the hill. I spotted one, sleeping. So I cleared my throat and said hello. He stood up and barked. The second dog didn’t even get up. They usually run over and get in my way, today they were content to stand in their yard and bark. I guess they are finally used to me.

I have decided to accept recovery and not fight it. I’m going to just take it easy, eat properly, and rest, and run when I feel like it. I just read a couple articles on line about recovery, and will try to find them again and post links. So maybe that is actually three surprises, I will be smart about recovery!


I stepped on the scale this morning and pleased to see I am back to my pre-MMT weight. There are so many ways for you try and lose weight nowadays, some people try diet and exercise, while others look at somewhere like to help with their weight management. However, whichever way you try to lose weight, it’s always good to look at your options.
You can look at weight loss from two directions: You can run a 100 mile race and not gain any weight. You can also run a 100 mile race and NOT lose any weight!
If you are running ultras for weight loss, it probably is not going to happen. You would be better off looking around at fat burners and researching the Benefits of calcium carbonate for weight loss for example. You need to look at something that is directly going to benefit you instead of just going with the norm.
I did not journal well this week (it’s hard to figure points for homemade lamb/rice stuffed grape leaves!!) but am determined to do so this WW week. I work this holiday weekend, which usually helps with weight loss, since I only eat what I bring.
I still need/want to lose another 12 pounds. This may be easier since I am not currently stressing my body with long runs-for now!


This didn’t take long. I’m itching for a new challenge. I have no races planned, just 12 Hours of Big Bear Lake in July. But I want to do something!!! I don’t know what, but something!!!

Something challenging, and epic. It doesn’t even have to be an organized event. I need to look at my work schedule. I have a few ideas spinning, I do not know if anything will come to fruition, but I need to do something!


Nope, not about my race, just for not posting any thing this week!

My free time, despite NOT running at all, seemed just sucked away.
Tuesday, I worked. I probably should not have, I was just exhausted and eating everything in sight.
Wednesday was my day off and I pretty much spent it on the couch. I did take the dogs out for their hike, and the legs felt pretty good.This was when the chest cold settled in.
I worked Thursday and Friday. We got some of the garden planted on Friday, then the rest planted Saturday, then went up north for Lloyd Thomas’ birthday party.
Today is “get the yard under control day”. And maybe a run?  My cold has kind of subsided in my chest. I would dearly love to run/walk my 10K route-since I was gone last weekend, the landscape here has just exploded in greenery.
Well, the yard work is first priority, and then the housework. Did I mention I have yet to unpack my dropbags?