Around the Block

The shorter block. I work the late shift today. I got up early, wasn’t feeling the love for the run.

 Opened up my blog reader, and saw some posts of other athletes. That gave me enough motivation to put on Sunday’s smelly running clothes and get out there.

Once out, of course, typical reaction-felt good, felt fine, glad to be running!

I have noticed one thing, one very special thing. I am running up hills. I am not stopping to turn it into a walk, I am just powering it up the hill-without that much effort.

These are not fast runs up the hills-but they are still runs, not the walking leg turnover.

Very interesting. I do feel like I am on my way to Part Two.

I  have still been a little exhausted after working my ten hour shifts. I believe it’s two things: 1) we are short handed at work so I am being over-worked; 2) still not at 100% recovery from MMT.

So I am not pushing the training yet, hence a 4 mile run instead of the 10K.  Eventually I want to turn the 10K into my normal routine run.

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