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I finally weighed myself this week, and was relieved to see I am at 166.5 lbs, which is 6 lbs up pre-MMT, which was my lowest weight. Relief in that it wasn’t more.
Between the dog being sick, and ME being sick, I really wasn’t measuring food, or really caring. I had some ‘pity me’ indulgences (like most of a bag of potato chips last night, so my  weight might actually be lower due to all that salt).

I still struggle with the typical female body image. Take this picture for example. I am FINISHING the hardest 100 mile race east of the Mississipi. It’s a great picture. I like it.

 Photo By Bobby Gill

But do you know what my second reaction to the picture was? “Wow, look at my arms. I need to get to some weight training.”
Why do we do that to ourselves? Why can’t we just celebrate how strong those arms were, pumping to walk down those dirt roads quicker, holding 1 lb water bottles in each hand for 32 hours?

Retail Therapy

Since I decided I wasn’t going to indulge myself with food, my latest indulgence is retail therapy-or I should say on-line shopping retail therapy. Other than one trip up north for Lloyd’s birthday party, I have not ventured more than 25 miles from home.
In this 25 mile radius, there is limited shopping. In other words, our biggest stores are a Walmart, Kmart,various dollar stores and a few other local grocery stores. I have been wanting to go clothes shopping, but with the dog surgery right after my epic work week from hell, it’s not happened.
So when the twill shorts I bought on-line arrived, I tried on, and immediately bought two more pairs. Who knows when I will get to a store. I have plenty of sports shorts, but no ‘non-sport’ shorts.
REI-Outlet also had a 20% coupon, and I got a pair of rain pants, a jacket, and I did splurge for a new rain jacket with a fabric called eVent. It’s supposed to be very breathable.
Note these are future adventures. I hope to be getting some good training in over the winter this year for future events to come. Having the right gear can make you far less miserable out there.

I spent the day doing some yard work and gardening. The dog had her wound debrided. It looks both better  and worse now. We are playing tag team with keeping an eye on her. Right now, I am on dog-sitting duties while the husband gets some work done in his office.  When I was outside working, he was keeping her company.  She is doing well, she’s in very good spirits. She just has some horrific open wounds.
The other two dogs are being so good. We’re also trying to show enough attention to them too. 
Hopefully the dog will continue to improve and we’ll get adjusted to all this. Just a stressful time right now.

I plan on going for a run in the morning. My swollen lymph node has subsided. I am only planning on a 4 mile run, at an easy pace, and just ease back into training. I got a bit scared last week, with how sick I got practically overnight, I don’t want a repeat of that!

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