I Conquered the Hill

This is the hill I mentioned, in one of my first post MMT runs, that it didn’t seem so big and long anymore.

I had vowed to make it a summer goal to RUN up this hill, no walking.

Maybe it was the week off of running.

I started running up the hill.  I got to the driveway where I had turned it over to a walk last week.

I ran past that.Still was able to breathe, so kept the legs in the running turnover rather than switching to the “walking mode”.

Kept going farther. The hill flattens in the middle for a few feet, as I continued running it. I glanced up. Not that far to go.

Screw it, I’m going to run the whole thing today.

The last 20 feet turn into a steeper grade. But I knew I was almost at the top. Then, I was! I did it!!!!!!!!

My dogs (the ones that live at the top of the hill) didn’t even come out to congratulate me.

Well, that was a summer goal. Now what?  Now I need to time myself on this hill, and get a benchmark.

So as I lose some more weight, I can get a bit faster on this RUN up the hill.

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