Hot Run

Well we all know it’s been hot. So enough said about that.

Friday arrived and I needed to get a run in. At home, on the treadmill, or venture outside in the dire heat warnings?

I decided I needed to keep up my toughness and opted for an outside run. Temp,92 degrees.

I decided to head for Salt Fork, for the hiking trails, where I would be completely under tree cover.

(Note to self: just keep a pair of trail shoes in the vehicle!!)

Off I go. First run since Big Bear. It’s hot and humid (OF COURSE) and I take it easy. Knees feel a little wonky (weird) but legs are fine.

The hiking trail spins me back to the main campground road after 1.6 miles and I decide to just run back to my vehicle-around 10 minute miles on the road!

It was amazing how hot my body temp felt after stopping running. I’m glad I just did an easy two miles(I cannot remember the last time I did a training run of 2 miles!) in the heat.

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