Running on Tired Legs-A Good thing

Today’s run was on tired legs.

That’s because I ran eighteen miles last night with Rob Powell. Don Baun joined us for the first ten, then Rob and I continued. This was a nice summer’s evening at Mohican-hot and humid temperatures, even when dark commenced. We ran the purple loop, some of the mountain bike trail, old school orange, and came back along the river.

This was my longest run since MMT and I had not planned my post recovery food at all! I was getting a little nauseous, mainly because I was hungry, so I did have to stop for a cheeseburger in Millersburg. Then, home, a quick shower, and bed. I slept well!

I got over to Salt Fork State Park around 11 am. Another hot and humid day. I ran on the purple bridle trail, in the reverse direction that I normally take.I was hoping all the mud and ruts were on the lower section of the trails, but that was not so. The bridle trails are in horrible shape for a runner. I was picking my way through thick, sticky mud. The hiking trails are in good shape, but the bridle trail is the big connector.

This may spur me on to explore some of the other parks in the vicinity, or I may just be forced to go off-piste and explore!

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