Take a look today, you should see my picture next to stupidity:

So you know where this post is going..
I go down to Salt Fork, around 11 am, where the temp is already 81 degrees.  I try out another bridle path, hoping the horses haven’t destroyed it, but this is what I encountered in the first mile of trail..

So I decide to go off-piste. Well, it turns out off-piste is much more fun with Slim and Gombu running around the mountains of Virginia, rather than wandering off in the bramble-laden woods of Ohio.

So I decide to follow the creek bed down. But it’s short lived, as the creek goes off a precipice.

I crawl back up the creek bank, but then I rejoin the creek again.  It’s fun, until I have to jump up on the creek band due to some logs blocking the creek.

I encounter stinging nettles for the first time. I’m going through these green plants, with small little thorny things, and then I realize my legs are freaking STINGING.They are hot and inflamed!   It’s really bothering me. I mean, they are freaking on fire! I go up into the woods, to get away from these godawful plants.

I get down to the lake, where I discovered I am actually around the bend-or maybe two-from where my vehicle is parked. So I start up the hill, keeping the lake on my right.

This is where it all starts going south. I run into rows and groves of multi flora rose bushes. Multi-flora rose is an invasive species, a perennial shrub.  It can grown into impenetrable walls. Ask me. I tried to go through them.

My legs back at the vehicle. I would follow a deer trail, which would then go through a thicket. Then I would try to find another way. I was frustrated and irritated. I was lost, yet I wasn’t. I was between the lake and the bridle trail. I was trying to get back to the trail, mud or not!! It was truly hideous. I was so irritated at myself, for getting stuck in this mess, for not bringing the compass (if I had the compass I could at least tell if I was wandering in circles). I tried to pretend this was good training for Barkley, good heat training. My legs were getting shredded. I had blood all over my legs.

I finally made it back to my vehicle. The legs are still warm and inflamed. It’s lucky I’m still on an antibiotic due to my teeth!

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