Did not do my 2 mile walk after work tonight, but picked 2 quarts of blackberries instead. Managed to tear up my legs also as  I fought my way through the thickets.

Where is the summer going? It’s almost August. This coming weekend, I am going to the Spruce Knob Area of West Virginia. At 4000 feet, I bet it’s pretty cool there.

Adam and Kadra finished their speed hike of the Appalachian Trail last week!

Jen Pharr Davis is smoking her way south on the Appalachian Trail with the purpose of breaking the speed record for hiking the AT; not the ‘female’ record, the “overall record”!!

Me, my summer goals?  I ran a 12.5 hour 50 mile race at Big  Bear, pleased with that.

Trilogy Training starts! Two months to go until that race, my fall “A” Race.  A 50K on Friday, 50 miler Saturday, 1/2 marathon on Sunday. I’ve learned alot about fueling and nutrition since last fall; lost more weight and became a faster runner; just need to keep the training going well for the Trilogy.

August is going to be “Clean Eating Month” for me. I want to hit 159 lbs before The Ring.

I haven’t really worked on the  compass skills .I need to work on this.

I have been working on getting to bed earlier and getting sleep in. Rather than sit and watch crap TV, we’ve been abandoning the idiot box and hitting the hay instead.

I’m going to stop wearing the extra large shirts when I run and wear something that fits me.

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