Breakthrough Run

Okay, after all my angst of no-weekend training, I did it.

Breakthrough run.

The degrees helped. It was about 60 degrees when I left the house, I actually had goosebumps on the arms as I walked up the road.

I was running well. The temperature was so nice and cool.  I ran up the first little hills of my normal route. I looked at my Garmin at the one mile mark: 10:54.  That was good, due to no walking on the hills.
I ran past Yellow Water Road, and the next hill I ran up.
Now I have a big downhill, and the giant bloodhound puppy was not out to accost me.
Across the cow pastures, then up the steep hill that I conquered earlyt this summer..still running.
The Gump dogs were not around either, and I hit my big downhill.
Across a few more rolling hills, to the Big Hill, where I was planning on my hill repeats.
This is the hill I vowed to run up last week, as I was pushing my bike up it.

I started up it, resolving to “see how far” I could get running. I kept my eyes on the road in front of me, and kept the leg turnover in a running mode. I kept going. I got past the first rather steep grade, and then it’s easier. I’m still running. I glance at the Garmin, it’s showing a 19 minute pace, but it’s still a running motion.
I keep it up and as the hill levels out a bit, it’s a 17 minute mile.
Then I crest the hill. I  have done it!!!!!!

Well, if I have run the biggest hill, now I have to run the rest of them. And I do.

6.4 miles, 1.15:38, 11:50 pace, a new PR for the route.

It’s more about than I ran the entire route. I conquered the hills!

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