Eating Clean for August

Well, I am not sure I have ever defined what my “clean eating” was for August.

But it’s definitely worked for me. Basically,I cut out the white rice, potatoes, bread, and crackers from my diet.
And the turkey pepperoni, jerky, and string cheese lite.

The above mentioned foods are about the only processed foods I actually eat.

What  have I been eating in August? Squash. And tomatoes. And I love both.

I have been cutting  up zucchini squash raw, into strips. Drizzling with a little EVO (extra virgin Olive Oil) and spices (whatever is handy, oregano, Adobo, thyme, savory) and throwing into a little container for work.

Tomatoes? I love in every form.  I eat, breakfast, lunch, dinner.

I eat tomatoes,cooked in a pan with eggs. I eat two servings of grape tomatoes daily at work.

I find, curiously, that I am not missing my crackers. I used to have that “crunchy” craving, usually at work when I was bored.

Now, this is not all or none. I’ve ate pizza a few weekends ago; ate lunch out with my husband, happily eating all sorts of Greek food, and did not even try to eat clean. Today we will have lunch out, and I probably will have a burger and fries or something similiar. Over the weekend, at work, I ate homemade whole wheat pasta salad with chicken as my main meals.

But I am happy trying to eat unprocessed foods as much as possible. I am sure that has helped with the last two pounds of weight that came off. I no longer think I have to have a “carb” with my veggies and protein at every meal. And I can work all day and then go run, without having to have some sort of processed carb to give me some energy.

I have also changed my omega 3/6 supplementation, which I am going to address in a separate post, which may also have some sort of bearing on satiety-the fact that I am taking in more (healthy) fat.

So I think the clean eating will continue way past August. It probably will fall into the 90-10 rule; eat clean 90% of the time, and don’t fret about the other 10%.

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