Trusting Your Training

Ever just feel like you aren’t doing enough? Feel like you should be doing more, doing speedwork, running more miles, more hill repeats?

I usually have this feeling around the weekends I work, where my mileage week is typically much lower. And then I surf on Facebook and Twitter, and see where *everyone* is running and racing..and I am stuck at work.

Sigh. I know it’s irrational. My training has been..adequate..

I guess it depends on what I am training for. I would say I am training for the WV Trilogy, in October. So the Sick Jimmy and the Ring are just good back to back runs for the Trilogy.

What is the Sick Jimmy? Well, this is the Event staged the day before the Event. Named after Jim “Slim” Harris. Slim tends to try and add on miles the day before whatever he is running.

Like the day before The Ring…Jim took Cam and I on a little tour of Bird Knob the day before the Ring last fall…
Then, before the Reverse Ring, Slim had to get 20 miles in on Dickey Ridge with Q the day before..because 71 miles was just not enough..
Hence Moose coining the term “Sick Jimmy”..

So this year, the day before the Ring, we’re running 20 miles. Hence, the Sick Jimmy.

But hey, this is great training for an event that starts with a 50K on Friday, a 50 mile race on Saturday, and a half-marathon on Sunday! I can’t wait!

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