Monthly Archives: September 2011

Boobage Shrinkage

Let’s face it.

The girls have shrunk.

I realized it, four or six months ago, for whatever reason, I had the girls in my hands.
And they no longer over flowed.

WTF. This has never happened before. I’ve actually lost my boobs???

Just looking at stats from 2010 to 2011, my chest has gone from a 36 to a 32.   This is just the measurement around your chest..under the boobs.  It does reflect my weight loss.

So this morning, I don an old running bra. And, as I run, I can tell, due to the loss of elasticity, that this bra is on it’s last run. Due to the weight loss,  it’s not holding the girls in. Due to the bra’s age, it can no longer cinch me the way I need to be cinched in.

It’s a very interesting scenario. Do I now just need the Large Running bra and not the XL?

(It’s not that important. I have bought several new XL Bras, that I can now break out of the plastic wrap.  That still have elasticity and can still contain the girls properly.)

And the boobs are still there. Still getting in the way and all that. But some folks seem to like them.

Weight Loss

Or lack of. Same weight for three weeks now. Think I should actually journal this week and follow WW? Maybe that is the plan  I am lacking.
I did take measurements this morning, and was happy to see I have lost one inch off my waist since I last measured in August.
And I am really pleased when I look at stats from 9-12-10:
Chest 34              Chest today 32
Waist 36              Waist today 32
Hips 40                 Hips today 37.5

I know it is not all about the numbers, but I’m a runner.  Hauling ten less pounds on my frame up a hill could result in quicker race results with no extra training effort.

4 miler around the block this morning once the sun rises. Then to unpack my filthy hydration vest and toss it in the washing machine. Want bright shiny gear for the Trilogy!

Darkness Falls Early Now

I finished this run about 725 pm. Darkness was falling.  By the time I reached my vehicle, darkness had engulfed the woods.  It’s amazing how quickly the day is eaten up by the night once fall begins.

A good run, about 7.5 miles on hilly back roads at Salt Fork.This will be my last “long” run before the Trilogy. I am going to run about 4 miles tomorrow.  Friday the husband will be gone so I will take the dogs for a hike before work, so no run.  Saturday I work, so no run.  So maybe a run on Sunday through Wednesday, just so I don’t go stir crazy.
My big focus will be on getting rest. I am looking forward to setting the alarm later and sleeping in a bit later.

Taper Time?

So I count off twelve days until the WV Trilogy. I’ve got 34 miles in for this week (not counting Sunday yet.)
I got a nice 11 mile run Friday, followed by 16 miles on trails today.
140 miles logged for September (the Ring gives you nice easy lots of miles early in the month) and still counting.

I feel good. I think it will be good to start logging some more sleep in the equation, and focus on my 10K around the block, trying to ‘run’ all of it. Keep the hydration pack full, for the training weight, and focus on climbing those hills in running mode.

Then next week, of Trilogy,eat well, sleep lots, and keep the running light.

I am really looking forward to the Trilogy again.  I was so glad this was where the WV Mountain Trail Runner’s camp/run weekend was this year; I’ve gotten more time on these trails. I remember features and I have formulated a plan for this year’s race. I am ready. I can’t wait to see the Big Meadow, in fall glory colors again.

Salt Fork Morning

Allison agreed to meet me at Salt Fork State Park at 10am for a loop of the  Bigfoot 50K Course.

I decided to go over earlier and get some more trail time in.  I was going to run the same loop, but a ridgeline looked inviting in the first mile or two and I went off piste and climbed it.

One area, as I do more off trail hiking and climbing, that  I will need to address, is my heels.  I could feel my shoes slipping and creating a hot spot on my right heel.  This has happened to me before, with climbs, so this is something I need to work on. Experiment with maybe double layer of socks, and I may need to tape my heels.

Went up and down some ridges and then hopped back on the trail again.I did a good job of knowing where I was, off trail. Of course this is the park in my back yard, so that made things much easier.

I had a pretty uneventful run, racked up 5.6 miles. Got back to the Salt Fork Lodge around 930 am, bought a cup of coffee and ate my second breakfast, a choclate chip Cliff Bar on the steps outside the Lodge.  Watched some people leave the Lodge, wondered if there was an obesity seminar happening there..

Allison showed up, and we went off for a loop of the Bigfoot 50K.  Or at least, what I hoped was the Bigfoot Loop. I looked over the directions on the website, and I think I got the loop pretty correct. 


Good times on the trail.  We both discussed upcoming races and goals.  The bridle trails were a little sloppy with recent rains and horses, but we powered through them. Before I knew it, we were heading back to the Lodge.  I think I have the Bigfoot Loop figured out, so I can move ahead with a little event I want to host at Salt Fork.

Thanks for the trail time Allison! Awesome!!

No Akron Marathon for Me

The Akron Marathon-my debut as a marathoner, in 2004, is tomorrow, Sept 24.

This year I am taking a pass.

Why? Well.  I am just not a road runner.  I do run roads, I did today, it’s a necessary evil.

But I have the WV Trilogy on October 7.  I did not think, after a good effort on a road, that I would be recovered sufficiently for the trails.

My running gurus would have said why? Why are you expending effort on a road, which will take you longer to recover from, that a trail 20 miler?  (Note: I  don’t even need  anymore to ask the running gurus, I know what they would say..)

It just didn’t make good sense. Today,  I got 11+ plus miles in on hilly road/like terrain here. Tomorrow is 10+ day at Salt Fork, on trails.  That will, probably constitute the last long runs in before the WV Trilogy.

Two weeks ago I got 80+ plus miles on trails in Virginia. The Ring (and various Sick Jimmy runs prior) can constitute serious training runs.

I have to say, it feels good, to be in a good training cycle, where a 71 mile run is ‘a good training run’.

I will see how many miles I can get in tomorrow. I may return to Salt Fork on Sunday for a few.  Then I might actually go into a taper like mode. If I can. I hate the taper.

First Fall Run

Or, First Foray Toward Hypothermia

Great run today.  I went out in shorts and sleeveless top. It was cool and had been running. By the time I got my gear assembled the rain had stopped.

So off I go.  The rain returns in mile 2.Heavily.  It’s pretty cool out, so I am moving well.

I was a bit disconcerted with the thunder, and ponder cutting the run short, but then hope the statistics are against me and I continue.

It pretty much pours the entire time. It was a good run. I really enjoyed it.