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Run With Scissors Race Report

The Single Edition

The clean skunk edition ,

It’s not often when I contemplate dropping from a race after a few miles.
But around mile 11 or so, I wasn’t thinking a double marathon was going to happen today. I felt fine.

Well, actually my hamstrings and calves were incredibly tight, I just felt like sitting down for an impromtu stretching session right on the trail. But the tightness probably had more to do with the course conditions.

The RWS course was muddy. Lots of mud. Shoe sucking mud.
Slippery trails, where runners were trying to avoid the mud, made the areas around the mud even muddier and slicker. Of course you know what happens when 1/2 a course is mud-you slow way down. So, as I ran-when I could, my time just ate away.

Boy the early morning went fast. The Garmin was beeping 3 and then 4 hours, and then 5. Yes, I could have finished RWS Double Marathon. It would have taken quite a while to do, and I didn’t want to spend that much time away from home.
As it was, I finished in 6.41. (Of course I think I hung out at the AS at Mile 24 talking to Mark Lemke for about 10 minutes.) So I could have done another marathon in 7-or maybe 8 hours,which would put me over whatever Roy’s cut off was. So I quit-like quite a few other double-marathon starters. Many of us were of the same mindset-had nothing to gain by a not-so-much-fun day in the mud.

The RWS course is quite good, and was marked very clearly. Very good Aid Stations, and great volunteers. Now, if there was some way to decrease the mud..

And Now, For Something Completely Different

I’m going to write a novel in November.


50,000 words.

National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo or simply NaNo, is a novel-writing challenge that takes place every November. Participants begin writing on November first with a goal of completing a 50,000-word novel from scratch by the end of the month.

I have no idea what I am doing, people.

I’m also going to keep doing my normal training too.

I’m going to be busy.

I’m going to decrease my time spent on the internet. I will read my emails from my friends. I’m going to try and ignore the others, such as the digest from the Ultra List-and all the miscellaneous offers and new Twitter followers I get.

In order to streamline my time to write, certain things have to go. Like Facebook and Twitter.

I rarely twitter. It roars by far too fast for me, on a daily basis. Twitter only works (it seems) for folks who spend their workday at a computer and with an internet connection. That is not me.

Is there a way to go inactive on Twitter? I rarely use Twitter, I am not online enough to be a regular Tweeter. I could just delete the account. One of my goals was to increase my following on Twitter and if I just deactivate my account, I definitely won’t be able to gain new followers. I have a few friends who are way better at social media than I am. I asked for some advice from them and they recommended I checked out sites like to find a service that would allow me to grow my social following. This may be a step worth taking, especially as I am struggling quite a bit to commit to Twitter. Even if I don’t spend much time on social media, I could at least take time to focus on one platform at a time.

I do spend a fair amount of time on Facebook, more lurking than posting. But this is just a mindless time suck, so that is something I can certainly not check, and spend that time at lunch writing. I need to cull that friend list on FB too.

I am however going to spend some time building my author platform online. If you have questions such as ‘what is an author platform?’, then you can find a useful guide on the Jericho Writers website.

I’ve unsubscribed from a bunch of blogs too. I will read blogs from a few regular posters, like DC Rainmaker, Endurance Corner, Bitch Cakes, Katy Wydrick, and irregular posts from friends. It doesn’t hurt to cull the list, especially when I can’t even remember who this person is, or why I am reading their blog posts.

Tips at the helpful forum at NaNoWriMo suggest getting up early to write..write on lunch breaks, before work, after work. All good ideas. I may get up a few minutes early to get some writing completed.

Okay, enough writing about the writing. I have an outline to work on, seven days to NaNoWriMo!!


Today I got outside to learn some compass skills.

I have a topo map that includes our properly. Located next to our property is a FAA navigational beacon, so there is that landmark on the topo map. My husband helped me figure out a spot to begin, at the bottom of our meadow across the road. I was to follow the azimuth. So I get to the point to start, bottom of the meadow.

Did I mention it was a beautiful day out there? After one false start and further instructions, I climb up out of the meadow. This is pretty hard. I’m moving through head high weeds and through rose bushes.

This is a very slow walk. I’ve got on my husband’s BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) and it does protect against the briars, it’s very warm. I do get rewarded with a nice view from the top here:

I cross the road, scramble up to the next meadow. It’s an easy walk across this, it used to get mowed years ago.

I had to climb a fence, which I got my foot caught in, and kind of toppled over, bruising my inner leg up in the process. I did not end up exactly on target. But it was a good first attempt.

I need to find some lightweight clothing that can withstand briars. My “Sad Sack” look:

And then back to the house via the “candy ass trail”:

Wardrobe Changes

It’s that time of year.

The frost is on the pumpkin, the hardwood floor is cold on the feet in the mornings.

It’s time to sort through all the running clothes, and bring down the long sleeves, tights, capris, gloves.

Time for more of the shorts and singlets to go up to the attic.

Actually I think I need a new drawer, called “gym attire”, because the Y that I attend is kept too hot.  I wear a singlet and shorts and sweat like crazy.  I cannot see how folks show up in long sleeves and pants to work out there.  Well, maybe they don’t really workout there either.

And it is official, I need a smaller running bra.  I donned a newer one for Saturday’s run, which had good elasticity, and it’s not doing the job correctly.  My errand running, before packet pickup for Sunday’s Run With Scissors Race gets longer and longer!

Flip The Switch

The cold mornings have begun.
I really didn’t want to go outside. It was cold out.  I put my running clothes on. Sighed when I turned the Zune on-battery low.
I stepped out the back door, and was amazed by how pretty it was.  Just like that, 100% mood switch.
It was cold, but I warmed up. Of course.
There were curious blue grey cumulus clouds, with some edges of pink from the sunrise.
There were still lots of yellow leaves caught in the early morning light.
I startled two deer out of their sleeping area beside the road, and watched them then run up the neighbor’s driveway.
I felt great.  I was very pleased I got my grumbly self out the door, once again for an outside run.
Soon, the weather will be far worse and I will be remembering this awesome little fall morning run.

Girls Day Out on the Trails

We had a great time and  great weather for an informal run at Salt Fork.

I had put the call out for a fun run, one loop (or more) of the Bigfoot 50K loop, at Salt Fork State Park, with a cookout at my house afterwards.

Good turn out for the run and post party.

Allison started her loop early, as she wanted to get two loops in.
I met up with Jack, Wendy, Regis, and Mary around 830am and ran the first mile with them. Then I got them turned down the pink  blazed trail correctly and ran one more mile on the Shadebush Red Blazed Trail, before returning to the Lodge for four miles.

I was surprised and happy to see Mike,  Jana, and Nancy in the Lodge, waiting, as I never did get an accurate head count on who was coming out.

Everyone else rolled in about 10am-Sharon, Courtney, Darcy, Sam, Ron, Cheryl, Terri, and we set off on our loop.

I didn’t mean to run the whole loop, since I had ran it yesterday. I had thought our group would separate into faster/slower groups.  I was going to “cut the course” and then run backwards until I got to the last runners. But everyone was staying together in a pack, so I ended up getting in the full ten miles myself!

We finished the Loop, and Ron,  Cheryl, and Terri decided to head out for another loop. I turned for home where Dennis had food ready for us.

We ate well-burgers, chicken thighs, rumakis-which is what we call dates stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped in bacon, grilled over an apple wood fire; potato soup, cornbread, veggies,  hummus.  Sharon brought awesome brownies and Darcy bought homemade devilled eggs.  Courtney brought artisanal bread and Wendy brought a sheet cake, so there was plenty of food available!

The weather was perfect, the trails a bit muddy after the recent rains. It was nice to actually spend some time with folks, after a run, instead of all of us just running off to our next appointment! Thanks everyone who came out today!

Wild and Wicked Weather

With the two inches of rain that poured down here yesterday, I was glad I had scheduled Wednesday as a ‘gym day’.  I am determined to use my membership this year.
When I got to the gym, I saw the two Precor EFX 645 were occupied! Hey, how dare people be on my machine!
So it was time to actually start a strength training regimen.  I went through some pretty basics, and didn’t lift a lot of weight. I didn’t want to end up with really sore muscles due to not being in shape to strength train.
Then the machines opened up, and I decided to try one of the pre-programmed workouts, something called ‘gluteal workout 1’ for 30 minutes.
Ugh, I was tired at six minutes.
Around 15 minutes, the machine told me to pedal backwards! Well, that was different.
I found out I am not as great ‘in shape’ as I originally thought with climbing steps. I was glad this was only a 30 minute workout!  But it’s a good start to improve on my climbing ability.