Girls Day Out on the Trails

We had a great time and  great weather for an informal run at Salt Fork.

I had put the call out for a fun run, one loop (or more) of the Bigfoot 50K loop, at Salt Fork State Park, with a cookout at my house afterwards.

Good turn out for the run and post party.

Allison started her loop early, as she wanted to get two loops in.
I met up with Jack, Wendy, Regis, and Mary around 830am and ran the first mile with them. Then I got them turned down the pink  blazed trail correctly and ran one more mile on the Shadebush Red Blazed Trail, before returning to the Lodge for four miles.

I was surprised and happy to see Mike,  Jana, and Nancy in the Lodge, waiting, as I never did get an accurate head count on who was coming out.

Everyone else rolled in about 10am-Sharon, Courtney, Darcy, Sam, Ron, Cheryl, Terri, and we set off on our loop.

I didn’t mean to run the whole loop, since I had ran it yesterday. I had thought our group would separate into faster/slower groups.  I was going to “cut the course” and then run backwards until I got to the last runners. But everyone was staying together in a pack, so I ended up getting in the full ten miles myself!

We finished the Loop, and Ron,  Cheryl, and Terri decided to head out for another loop. I turned for home where Dennis had food ready for us.

We ate well-burgers, chicken thighs, rumakis-which is what we call dates stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped in bacon, grilled over an apple wood fire; potato soup, cornbread, veggies,  hummus.  Sharon brought awesome brownies and Darcy bought homemade devilled eggs.  Courtney brought artisanal bread and Wendy brought a sheet cake, so there was plenty of food available!

The weather was perfect, the trails a bit muddy after the recent rains. It was nice to actually spend some time with folks, after a run, instead of all of us just running off to our next appointment! Thanks everyone who came out today!

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