Reverb 11 is On!

Okay, after declaring at the beginning of November I was cutting down on internet time, I stayed up late last night (for me) looking for enough prompts to host my own Reverb 11.

What is #Reverb11?  It’s a month-long prompt-driven blogging activity that encourages people/bloggers alike to reflect on the past year and manifest great things for the year ahead.

What I did was use the Google Document that KimberlyMichelle began, along with Kaileen Elise own prompts for 2011. I copied and pasted into a document on my own. I think I’ve got at least 50 prompts.

Now, while it was way fun getting an email prompt every morning last December, I will just have to go the old fashioned route. I’m going to print my document of prompts, close my eyes, and point to a prompt.

And that will be the Reverb Prompt of the Day.

There was some talk on the net about what to call this, and it seems like Reverb 11 is the most logical.  If interested, look for the hashtag #reverb11 on Twitter.  That may be a good way to get additional prompts for reflection.
I think Gwen Bell did us a favor by not hosting this year. It’s turned the creative juices on quickly in the blogging community. I’m looking forward to my own Reverb11 prompts.

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