Treadmill Time

This is my week for working out-inside.  It’s deer gun season in Ohio, and I just prefer to stay out of the woods and off the roads for this single week of the year.

I walked 2 miles on my treadmill on Sunday, mainly to just work out some kinks in my quads from my romp in the woods on Saturday, just at a very relaxed slow walk.

Monday I also walked two miles on the tread. I set the incline to 2%, and then started out at 3.8 MPH, and then to 4.0 MPH.

I was happy to see my normal walking pace has improve, as the 4.0 MPH was comfortable and I was not “pushing” it to stay at this pace on the tread.

When I did increase it to 4.1 and 4.2, I did have to work a bit to keep the leg turnover going.  But pleased with this unexpected positive benchmark.

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