2012 Training Plan

As presented in MS Paint:

I have my 2012 training plan basically set up.

There is no need for me to stay up late tonight, getting ready to submit my Barkley Essay. I am not entering the Barkley lottery this year, due to getting into Hardrock.

Fatass January 1; 50K distance or less, depending how my legs feel recovered from the Monkey Trail Marathon three days earlier
January 6: 4.6 birthday miles. Yes, that is all. I work on my birthday, and want to have a nice dinner after I get off work. So I shall get up early and run! to get my FA miles in for the 2012 edition of the KOTM contest.

January 14: MMT Training Run #1-  This is the first 32 miles of the MMT 100 Course, from Carolina Furnace to Elizabeth Furnace.  I also plan on getting some Sick Jimmy Virginia miles by travelling down one day early
BT FA January 29-may or may not attend. This is the traditional, now mainly underground Buckeye Trail FA, held on the traditional last Saturday in January

February is a big training month. I hope the weather cooperates with my plans and lets me get my two long runs in.
TWOT-There is a little known event in Virginia, the The Wild Oak Trail, affectionately know as “TWOT”.  This is four loops of TWOT, 25 miles each.   You are entirely self supported on this endeavour.
Reverse Ring-A favorite run on the MMT trail, all 71 miles.  But this is in the counter clockwise direction, so Signal Knob does not suck; but you get 25 miles on your own, in the dark on the east side of the mountains.

 I do not have much planned long run/race for March.  NEO TC Covered Bridge FA will be this month, but we have not decided on the event location yet.

I would hope to get in at least a 50K on the CB FA weekend.


Another month with no long run/race planned for the month.

 I do have one weekend of volunteering, “Forget the PR” 50K is April 15, so I will be working both weekend days for that.

For March and April, I do plan, weather permitting, to get over to the Laurel Highlands Trail and run the G28X2; this is our mile zero to mile 8 out and back-twice. It will net about 7000 feet of elevation gain, and the closest simulation to MMT trail as we can get without going to Virginia.


Back to Massanutten!!!  This time it’s a training run!  Almost said in jest, but it actually is very good prep work for the Hardrock.  I love the MMT trail.  It’s tough, and just ridiculous and absurd with the rocks.
This year I will be running solo, no crew, no pacer, no headphones.  I was thinking about a crew before the HR lottery; after I got in that idea went right out the window.  I need to do this race all by myself.


June will be about recovering from MMT.  The only race I may do would be the Laurel Highlands 50K in June, and that’s just a thought at this time.


Hardrock –for folks that just read my blog, they might not know that this is my “dream race”.  Alot of newby ultrarunners gravitate toward Western States as their big dream race to get into; after I saw Klas Eklof’s pic of the Hardrock course,  that was it. I was smitten.  The beauty and the grandeur of the mountains. WS?  Nope.  I wanted to run Hardrock.
No problemo.  Bob Combs told me I could run HR, but I would have to finish MMT first.
(You have to run a “qualifying” 100 trail race in order to enter the lottery for HR.)
So several years go by, and the time is finally right for me to train and complete MMT in 2011.
And then I get into Hardrock, on one lottery ticket. And, voila, there I am, Hardrock 2012!!

The Rest of 2012:
I am signed up for the 50 Mile Race at the North Country Trail in Michigan at the end of August. This is my only scheduled race, and I haven’t thought really any farther than Hardrock and this 50 mile race.

So that is my 2012 Plans! Time to get training!

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