A WW Funny

WW sends me an email, inviting me to assess my weekly Activity Points. 

I click on the link, and it has my current weight, and then wants me to plug in my minutes of activity for the week before.

I’m really not that awake yet, but I do remember about 4 hours at URINEO, I did my 10K loop at least twice, and I think I ran 11 miles around the block. So, let’s just say 10 hours or 1000 minutes.

The WW program won’t accept 1000 minutes.

It finally accepts 500 minutes.

It tells me: “What this means: Great news, you’re currently reaching your Weekly Activity PointsPlus goal!”

While I really do believe in the WW program, it does a better job for helping sedentary folks out rather than the high performance athlete.

Which, now as I sit here and type, might be my stagnation of not losing weight the last two weeks.

I may not be eating enough to offset the calorie burn. 

I think this weeks goal is going to be try and stay OP-on plan-and journal both food and activity level.

With Christmas festivities, I’m sure the food points will be far higher than the activity points.

But I need to get back into the habit of journalling.  I do have a goal of 10 lbs to lose by February.

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