My History of URINEO

Wow, how does time fly.
I’ve been attending URINEO (Ultra Runners In North Eastern Ohio) since 2006.

2006 was a big year of mileage.  (Not for me!)

This was the 50 Mile Group:
Jim Harris 10:28
Dave Peterman 11:55
Frank Dwyer 12:07
Dan Kuzma 13:01
Mike Dobies 13:01
Bill Losey 13:01
Bob Combs 13:01
Brian Musick 14:15

I got in 16.6 miles, and I believe this was the year I slipped and fell. Yep, here’s the post: “On this section, I hit a patch of ice, slipped, got a foot on solid dirt, then the other foot came down on more ice, and WHAM!!! I slipped, legs in the air, landing on my back. My water bottle,which was in the small of my back, kind of melded into my body, which was pretty painful.

I stayed there for a couple of seconds, pretty stunned and hurting. Then I rolled over to my knees—anything broke? No. Well, maybe my right middle finger, but if that was all, that was okay. Everything seemed to be working. I got up to my feet and slumped over a big rock, I was pretty shaky. Wasn’t able to move from there for a bit. Some hikers walked past me and I snapped out of it. 

Okay, forward motion and see how you feel. My head felt a bit funny and I felt my eyesight seemed weird-did I hit my head when I went down? I couldn’t remember. I took my hat off to see if there was dirt on the back of it. No, no dirt, maybe I was just shook up. I walked for quite a bit, and pretty slowly. I wasn’t feeling all that great. My back, with its imprint from the water bottle was not happy. I wasn’t feeling like running either.
But I was getting colder, and I knew I needed to run to keep from getting colder. The Advil that I had at the vehicle, that I was going to take for my IT Band, was looking better and better!! I got back into a run, and got by the hikers, but still wasn’t feeling the greatest. I was worried a bit about my back. I knew it would hurt more later.
I decided it would be best to stop after this lap with my leg and back issues. So I finished up at 4.51.

Jim was coming in to start his fourth lap!! Back at the vehicles, so I chatted a bit with him, told him I was dropping, so everyone would know what had happened to me.


The Love Log 

This, according to my 2007 Report, was when the chatter about MMT began.
I wanted to bail after three loops, but Bob scolded me out to finish the 50K.
This is where the Snow Angel pic came from:

2008: This was the year Bob cut his hand open wide early in the run. I remember stopping at the Mill to help a family take a group phot(a young couple with a baby.) This year we did adjourn to Jib Jab (??) for awesome hot dogs post run.


Another 50K finish for me, but Lloyd Thomas completed 50 miles. This spurred me on to declare my intentions for 50 miles in 2010.

2010: I finish 50 miles at URINEO.

But Slim and I have the race ‘within the run’. It was great.

The Race I think I was still on the East Gorge boardwalk, or just off, when Slim hollers at me from the opposite side of the creek. He is about a 1/2 mile or so behind me. “I’m coming for you”! The throwdown was on. I yelled back some equivalent of “yah, you think so” and I took off. I thought perhaps I could get as far as the Monkey Trails before he caught up.

Besides, we had nothing else to do in the middle of our run, so why not challenge?

I get to the Monkey Trails and take them as quickly as the slick conditions will allow. I’m sweating, but Slim is not in sight. I go around Pot Smoker’s corner and have that very runnable section. The snow has packed down the more technical rocks, so I am able to move.
I get through Slippery Rock Pavilion, slowing down for little walk breaks, but then breaking into a run. I’ve got the mentality: “he can catch me, but I’m going to make him work for it.”
I climb up the mud at the Troll Bridge, and then the little switchback trail. At the top, I pause-and see him!!

 He’s under the bridge! Oh crap. Now he’s about 1/10 of a mile behind me? I feel like the gazelle being hunted down by the relentless hunter.

Still, I got the “make him work for it” mentality, and I just go!
I run into the Professor. “Hi Rich, can’t talk, Slim’s hunting me down”…. hug Rich, and keep going.

I’m at Volney Rogers, then crossing the road, crossing the interstate, carefully going down the steel steps…still no Slim.
As I turn onto Price Road, I hear this ROAR and now there’s a PACK of three (or four) runners, at the top of the Steel Steps!
I both giggle and say ‘oh shit’ now I’m caught.
Then I decided, no, I’m not, they’ll have to catch me. I run up the small incline hill (and mile 32) at a 9.31 minute mile.
I’m pretty much sprinting (as much as I can at mile 32) trying to hit the log cabin before Slim.
Lloyd Thomas comes out of nowhere behind, surprising me.

And I do it! I hit the log cabin about twenty feet in front of Slim. Both of us are laughing and breathing pretty hard. Nothing like a hard foot race in the 33rd mile or so of a 50 mile fat ass.

2011:  With a family wedding to attend, and management details to attend to, I decided 2 loops would have to suffice at URINEO 2011.  I ran with some different runners on my first loop, then second loop Slim and I got to spend trail time together, and then I turned to run with Cam back to the Log Cabin.

I hit a slick rock and almost took a fall right on my butt, but managed to stay upright, but did strain a few back muscles in the process.

Bob Combs and  Bill Losey went over the Hardrock map with Jim and I (and wow, have I come a long way since URINEO 2006) before the festivities got too far under way.

Way too shortly, I had to scamper at 215 pm to attend a family wedding.

Awesome time on trail AND at the Log Cabin with friends.  2012 I will get back to a 50K finish or a 50 mile at URINEO.

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