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His Name is Scooter

 No, not that good old boy in his pick up truck.

The dog. The bloodhound puppy finally has a name.

I went out for my 10K around the block. The dog spotted me from the top of the hill, and gleefully bounded down the hill to intercept.

I didn’t break stride. “Come on. If you are going to run with me, then run. Let’s go buddy”.

He obliged by biting my gloved hands. I told him no, about a dozen times, and he trotted down the road next to me.

Two barns later, a woman was outside. “Hey Scooter, get over here!” she called.

“Is that his name, Scooter?”  She said yes, and asked if he was bothering me.

“Nah, we’re old friends. He sometimes runs with me.”

I kept going and I guess Scooter got collared because he didn’t follow me down the hill.

A nice chilly but dry day for a run.  The wind made it a bit more chilly than usual.  The legs felt a little heavy, but these last two days have been road miles.

Tomorrow is URINEO!

Gear Review: REI eVent Jacket

Having the day off today, I was first planning on going to the gym and doing a climbing session. But then I checked the temperature and saw it was 54 degrees out! No way was I going to be cooped up inside on a day like this.

It was going to rain however, and I decided it was a good day to try out my REI eVent fabric rain jacket.

From REI:
The women’s lightweight REI Kimtah women’s jacket with eVent™ fabric is a perfect spring and summer choice for active pursuits where windy, wet weather is a concern.

eVent fabric has a unique membrane structure that allows sweat vapor to quickly escape to the outside of the fabric No matter how hard you work, overheating is unlikely due to this Direct Venting™ technology And because you remain dry on the inside, the likelihood of an uncomfortable, post-exercise chill is eliminated.
eVent technology works so efficiently, no pit zippers are needed; all seams are sealed for complete waterproof protection
Windproof to 60 mph
Fully adjustable brimmed hood features easy-to-use ripcord-style cinches

I am a big time sweater. When I don a jacket that is rain proof, I generally over heat.

I have worn this jacket just to work, so this was my first time out.

The temp was about 52 or 55.  I wore a long sleeved capilene top, and then just the rain jacket on top, and my hydration vest over it.

So off I went. Lightly misting rain would turn  into more heavy rain.  I got a little warm about mile 2.5, but not overly hot.
I was not sweating through this jacket. This was awesome.  It was a little warm, when I was down on the low portions of the run, but I was not overheated.  When I climbed, and the wind picked up, I was just fine.

I wore the jacket through the whole run.  I think the temps dropped a degree or two when the wind increased.  I was still fine in the jacket.

It does not appear that this jacket is available at REI any longer!  It was not cheap. It was 159.00 .
But if it appears to be a quality product and I benefit from it, then that is fine with me.

I had just turned the music on, on my Zune, about mile 8, and a car pulled up next to me.  In the pouring rain.

“Aren’t you getting wet?” the old couple (with their little dog in a Santa vest) enquired.

I looked down at myself and said “Nope, I’m good. It’s a nice day out here.”

They offered me a ride!  Which was, I believe, the first time anyone has done that.  I cheerfully declined and wished them a Merry Christmas. How nice. 
It was a great run. It felt easy.  I remembered one different hill in my neighborhood, which led to me musing about some other back roads, with different hills.   I did have to run about one mile on the state route, but that was okay.  It was a different route, had not been on some of these back roads in a year or so.

I can get climbing in, at the gym, on the machine.  But I still need the descent workouts for the legs, so I am searching for all the hills I can find, for both the climbing and descending.  This will be another good route for training!

Run Today Respect

So we (the husband and I) took all three dogs to the vets for shots and stuff. We all lived through it, and then he dropped me off “in town” and I ran the back roads home, ten miles.

He comes upstairs. “Oh you’re back already.”  He’s surprised.

“Yes.  I’m faster these days”  I smiled.

Respect is a word I thought about today.  Specifically, respect for Hardrock.  So many people did not get into the race.  And I did.  And I do not want to disrespect those runners, and the volunteers, for Hardrock 2012, by not being in the best shape of my life, and being ready, to the best of my ability, for the race.

Talk about a motivating factor.

I thought having Bradley Mongold pace me in MMT 2011 was a motivating factor.  It was, very much so, but it’s nothing near the motivation I have for HR 2012.

I have ten pounds to lose by TWOT-The Wild Oak Trail 100, February 10.  And I then want to lose another 10 pounds by July 1.

And yes, I can lose/afford to lose 10 pounds. I have plenty of fat  around my midsection that does not need to be there.
And the ten pounds past that? Yes, I can lose that also.  Look at Olga.  Look at what she cut out and carved her body into.  So, I think 20 lbs are doable.  But I just look at it, as I do in a race, in small, short increments. One aid station at a time. 5 lb goals at a time. 

It’s not just weight loss, but that’s the easiest first item to address.

Motivation is definitely and soberly on.

Vocabulary Improvement

I have made additions to my vocabulary this week.  Words like:


snow pack




Before this week, I had no real reason to worry about scree.  Or 5,000 feet climbs.  Or whether I could breathe at all, at 14,000 feet.

I think I have finally gotten my jaw to close and wiped the drool off my chin.

I haven’t been writing on the blog since I have been busy surfing the web, looking at pictures, and giggling, thinking, whee, I will be the runner out there!
And then more comprehension, with more reading, sinks in.Virginius Pass. Handies. Grant Swamp Pass. Talus. Scree.Glissading. Snow Steps. River crossings.
A quote from some one’s race report: “This ain’t no EasyRock, this is Hardrock.”

Oh my. Indeed it is.

Yet more lottery results

I’m way behind on my Reverb 11 musings, but how on earth can I reflect on 2011 when 2012 is turning into The YEAR of RUNNING??

I’ve had serious Hardrock head this week.  I haven’t been thinking of much else.

So today, the MMT lottery was held. The Dow Jones ended down, at 770, meaning 205 runners, numbers 766 through 269 were selected for MMT 2012.

My number was 483, so I am in.  That is a relief. I had already requested those work days off-just Thursday, Friday, and Monday around May 12.

I am running solo at MMT. After getting in at Hardrock, this was a no brainer.  If I can’t run by myself and do MMT without a crew, well, then I’m not ready for Hardrock.

In no way to diminish MMT, or my fondness for MMT, it will be a good “training run” and rehearsal for Hardrock.  I should be using MMT as what I will try to reproduce at HR. 

In the last few runs with other friends, I had mentioned my spring running plans, and had also mentioned I really had no plans for the fall of 2012.

I don’t really think I need plans for fall of 2012.

The first six seven months of July will be epic enough.

Reverb 11 December 5th Photograph

Photo: Share a favorite photo from the past year. What was happening behind the scenes? What were you thinking or feeling? What could you smell, taste, hear at that moment?

This is a no brainer for me, as you can see, it’s also the current header for the blog. 
This is the view from the High Meadows Trail, around the Spruce Knob area of West Virginia.  The pic does not do the valley or the views justice.

I remember bursting out into this meadow, from the woods, from the 2010 WV Trilogy-and being so amazed, and delighted with this view and beauty.

My enthusiasm did not change with the same trail in 2011.  In fact, going through here, I was with three other runners, and the ones new to the High Meadows Trail also declared it was special.

I would love to backpack in and camp out here for a week or two.  I could just sit, and read a book, and look up and savor the view.  The colors, the peace, the sky, Mother Nature. 

What do I feel when I bounce into this field?  Joy. Amazement, happiness, joy.
  The Trail Goddess,  happy on the same meadow, but in August, not October.

December 4th: How My Day Went

 First I did start off with my Reverb 11.  I saved this as a draft post, at 639 AM, as I was then off to Salt Fork to take a few pics and cheer on runners at the BigFoot 50K.

Reverb 11: 2012 Accomplishments:  What 12 new things do you want to do/accomplish in 2012?

Being a goal oriented person and runner, this is pretty easy.
1. Finish 4 Loops of TWOT
2. Finish One Loop at the Barkley
3. Finish and improve my time at MMT
4. Get selected, get the time off work, and finish Hardrock!
5. Move my raised beds to a new location
6. Get to know a friend better
7. Lose 8 pounds by TWOT. it is sad that this would still  be above my top range of healthy weight per WW.

I came back from Salt Fork, cleaned up, and drove up north for a Christmas Party.  I behaved myself until I went to the restroom, and checked my phone walking back to the party.

It seemed I was SELECTED in the Hardrock 100 Lottery for 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there are a few revisions to the list above: 

1. Finish 4 Loops of TWOT
2. Finish One Loop at the Barkley
3. Finish and improve my time at MMT
4. Get selected, get the time off work, and finish Hardrock!
5. Move my raised beds to a new location
6. Get to know a friend better
7. Lose 8 pounds by TWOT. it is sad that this would still above my top range of healthy weight per WW.

I won’t be finishing this list today, as I am still stunned and dumbfounded.

My spring goal race, if I got in, was the Barkley Marathons.  My goal (it’s still my goal) is to finish the Barkley.  However, my goal for 2012 was to finish one loop-because you have to start somewhere. I have already been training for the possibility that I might get in the race, since the race is held April Fools Weekend.

I entered Hardrock lottery “because I could”.  Hardrock is a graduate level ultra, and MMT is a qualifier.  So I sent the application in.  The odds were really against me, so I was not counting on  this at all.  People have been in the HR lottery for years and never get in.

So that’s why I am just stunned and amazed. And pumped.

Many people talk about WS$R being their ‘dream race’.  Ever since I saw  pictures of Hardrock, that has been my dream race.

Bob Combs told me, if I want to run Hardrock, I have to finish Massanutten.  I did.  Apparently it was all that easy (and lucky)!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and the next best news?  Many friends are also in. From NEO TC:  Slim, Cam, Roy, and Bill.  From VHTRC: Doug Sullivan and Kerry Owens, Steve and Deb Spero. (Maybe more, I’m still too discombulated to look closer right now.)

Okay, so I will post this, with my 6 Accomplishments for 2012.  I’m sure there will be more, but my brain is fried.  In a very good way.