Taking Advantage

I try and plan my workouts about one week in advance.  I look at my work schedule, see what different shifts I work, and what week day I am off.  I then take in consideration the family life, what my husband may want to do on my week day off. Last consideration is overview of the weather for the week.

Today was supposed to be a gym day, I was going to climb for one hour before work. But looking at the weather forecast yesterday, I promptly eschewed that idea.  The temperature was 46 degrees this morning, so I went for the 10K around the block.

It was a quiet gray morning. No Scooter the dog or the Gump dogs out and about.  I saw a few gray squirrels and one young Amish farmer.

I ran my loop about 3 minutes faster than normal.  I pushed it on the downhills a bit more, taking advantage of another mild day in Ohio to enjoy the outdoors.

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