My dog Sandal

My dog Sandal

My dog Sandal, passed away today. She had cancer, with a tumor removed in June. She fought a good battle with chemo and radiation and was loved by everyone. She tolerated all her treatments so well. In fact, she would jump into the vehicle to go to the “spa” as we called it. She had a cancerous tumor removed last week, and then this week, all of a sudden wasn’t feeling so good. It was very sudden. Pneumonia in her lungs and it appeared that the cancer was also back in her lungs. We took her to Medvets on Friday, and she was in the ICU. The doctor indicated that the antibiotics weren’t going to cut it, and we decided to let Sandal go, so she wouldn’t have any suffering. Sandal was the best tempered family member we ever had. She was just loved by everyone. And she loved everone. She was the best.

 My two favorite pics of me and Sandal.  This is from 2004. I have just ran and returned from the Akron Marathon. My first marathon.  I’ve have a few glasses of wine LOL.

I just love this picture of she and I here.

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