Scooter Is Back

I went out for my 10K around the block. This time I decided to run it clockwise, I usually run it counterclockwise.

I did get out around 9 am, in a period when it was not actively raining. But I did keep the raincoat in the pack where it has been.

About one mile into the run, it began to pour. I quickly dropped the bag, and took off my merino wool top, leaving on a short sleeved shirt, since I was already warm-the temperature was about 48 F.

The rain was not so bad, it was more the wind. I even put up the hood of the rain coat, and then had to cinch it down so it didn’t act like a sail.

I was going to do some hill repeats, but after one, my legs felt like concrete and my heart just wasn’t into it.

I ran into Scooter in his neighborhood. He decided to accompany me. Which was fine, until we got to the corner of my road.

Scooter started following me up this road too. I stopped, and called for extraction. I told Dennis to just start down the road and pick me up.

So I called to Scooter, who now was delighted to run more, and proceeded to jump all over me, so I could tell he’d had a skunk encounter in some prior time.
I managed to extricate myself from Scooter and hop into the vehicle when Dennis arrived. Scooter was on his own to meander back to his house.

I think I am going to 1) Find out who Scooter belongs to, for future reference 2) run my loop CCW instead of CW. About one or so miles going the other way, the Gump dogs live there, and Scooter always turns around as not to get involved with these other dogs and their territory!

So I actually got a little bonus mileage, aka “Scooter miles” for my 10K. Thanks dog!

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