Skunked By Proxy

I went out for my 10K around the block.

 I’m glad I cut back from the 11 mile around the block, as my legs just felt kind of heavy during this run.

Scooter roused himself from his spot of sunshine on the bank as I ran by and joined me.
 Sniffing around, it was obvious that Scooter has a slow learning curve with skunks. Of course, he managed to brush up against me, and transfer a little bit of that odor to my gloves and tights. Other than that, Scooter behaved and peeled off about one mile down the road, right before the climb to the Gump Dog headquarters.

 Gossip from the Neighborhood:

  • Large amount of orange vested men at the one farmhouse.  I think they hunt birds of some sort. Or that’s their story and they’re sticking to it
  • I counted 20 or so Amish buggies at the goat farm Amish home. That means this home was hosting church. Amish, in our area, have church every two weeks.
  • I first said “hi cows” to the cows beside the barn at the Amish farm, then I heard the giggling and saw all the little boys in the barn window watching me.  I said hi to them too.
  • All the Gump dogs but one were content on just barking at me.  The one beagle mix seemed to find it his honor to make sure I got his road section as quickly as possible. I had to keep turning to make sure he wasn’t going to catch up to me and take a bite of my ass.

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