Today was the day of my pulmonary function tests.

 I was supposed to have this done about three years ago, but never got around to it. After the HR lottery, and discussion with my doctor, she wanted me to still have it performed.

 After my breathing debacle on Little Bald Knob, I was happy to have the test scheduled, even though my lungs are not recovered from the weekend event.

It turns out to be pretty simple. You clip your nostrils closed, then clamp your lips around a tube attached to machines and computers.  You breathe normally, then follow instructions on inhaling quickly, and breathing out. This is repeated a few times in various manners, then another test with the door of the machine closed.

Then an albuterol aerosol treatment, which is a bronchodilator, and some of the tests are repeated.

Whee, the albuterol via the nebulizer hit me much stronger than two puffs off my inhaler!  I was a bit spacey, my hands were shaky, had a little bit of the jitters.  It took a little bit of time to wear off.

Now the results will go off to the pulmonologist,  who will then relay results to my doctor.

I’m still kind of doubtful if this will be of any help.  I know the tests are to measure your volume of air, capacity, but will these help me? I want this solved.

Tomorrow I start back on my $180 Advair.  I will be taking this, as scheduled, between now and The Reverse Ring.  At least I have another cold air event soon to see if I can prevent this bronchospasm from happening again.

And whether you celebrate or not, there is nothing wrong with a day of Love in it.  But that should be every day.

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