To Our Big Dreams

Just a thought for the day.
I’ve heard so many people say “I’ll do that when I’m older, when I lose 20 pounds, when I’m retired”.
We got through life saying “I would, but it probably wouldn’t work out” or ” I’d like to but. . .”
We too often base our actions on an artificial future, painting a life picture based on an expectancy that time is more than sweat, tears, heat and mirage.
You can’t count on anything.
For out of the blue, fate can come calling.
In a  flash, what was once an unlimited horizon is the honed blade of a life gone short, robbed even of the power to grieve for what is ending.
I stand outside on a pale crescent of beaten earth and breathe deep.
I feel every ache in my muscles, I feel my skin, hot under the sun, the savage, fecund smell of loss in the air, laying heavy in the loud silence.
Somewhere in the distance is a soft clap of thunder, overhead clouds stray deliberately across the earth, disconnected from mechanical time.
I’d rather be elsewhere; the smell simply that of kitchen and comfort, the sounds; only that of laughter.
But I know how lucky I am, to simply be, in this moment and alive.
You can continue your day and do nothing, standing in brooding and irretrievable calculation as if casting in a game already lost.
Or you can seize the moment, the days, wringing every last drop from them.
Remind your loved ones you love them.
If there’s someone that means the world to you and you’ve never told them, tell them now.
Hug your family, forgive an enemy (but remember the bastard’s name), give the dog an extra biscuit.
Then step outside into the sharp and unbending import of Autumn, a dying summer flaring up like fading flame, one last taste, one last memory, never knowing how long it will remain.
-Posted by Brigid on her blog
This weekend is about friends and dreaming big.
Another quote, which is spank on my blog to the right, same concept:
“1) you will never achieve great things with small goals
2) there is no guarantee you will have another chance tomorrow”
We have Reverse Ring this weekend.  This is 71 miles of the Massanutten Trail; in the Counter Clockwise Direction.

The only folks eligible for the Reverse Ring are folks who first qualified by running The Ring- the same course, clockwise, 71 miles, in September.

Cam Baker has decided that is not enough.  Cam has decided he is going for The Double.  
Cam at the MMT 100 Race

Cam is going to run The Ring. On Friday, 71  miles.  Then he’s going to catch a nap and then reverse the course, joining us “normal runners” for the Reverse Ring, on Saturday.

Slim will be running The Ring, with Cam, on Friday.  I am crewing.  I will meet the Boyzz at two points on the 71 mile course-Camp Roosevelt and Moreland Gap Road, with hot food.  I will also drop aid for them, at two other locations.

Once Cam turns around, he will be among the “fairly normal” Reverse Ringers and able to get aid from the volunteer Aid Stations for the Reverse Ring.  But he might hit these aid station points early, so Slim will be Cam’s roving aid.

Me?  I will be just a mortal Reverse Ringer, it should be a “fairly normal” 71 mile run for me.  

My hope is Cam won’t start his Reverse Ring too far in front of me. I would love to have him just ahead of me, to give me a chance to chase him down and join him for miles on the trail.  

We still have not ironed out all the details yet for the crewing and aid, we’ve got all week to get those ready.

All Cam has to do-is run.  We’ll do the rest, make sure he’s got hot food and fresh clothes and water ready to go.  We are all ready to support his Big Adventure.

Some of us are more comfortable with stepping outside of our comfort box than others.  What’s the worse thing that can happen?  We can come up short. We might not achieve that pie in the sky goal.

But how will you know that, until you try?  Until you go for it?

Life is short. You might not have that opportunity to try again.  

So what are you waiting for?

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