Covered Bridge Fat Ass 2012

This year , NEO Trail Club hosted our annual Covered Bridge Fat Ass at the Mohican State Park, Loudonville, Ohio.  I was in charge of organizing this and I believe everyone had a good time.

We  had about 40+ runners out for the day.  The idea was to follow “The Forget the PR” 25 and 50K race course.  I went out with the 25K runners, as  I had other ideas for a workout post run.

It was a very pleasant day. I met at least 10 new runners, some this 25K was their longest distance ever; others were training up for 50K and 50 Miler and even 100 mile attempts at Mohican.

For quite a few runners, it was also their first trip to Mohican and all seemed to appreciate the beauty.  Although it was still a bit too early in the year for much greenery!

Hill Repeats

A few years ago, mmm. maybe 2007, I was running alone at Mohican, on a training run.  I went straight, instead of turning left, and went down..a Big Ass Hill.  I ended up at the back of the campground, and had to re climb the hill.  I thought then, wow, this is a good hill to do repeats on.

Well, a few years later, “Big Ass Hill” is part of an official race course, and I think it’s good training to do hill repeats on.

I decide to climb BA Hill, run down the other side, then go up “Gas Line Hill” to the jeep road to the Fire Tower, and repeat. It was about .55 miles each lap, so about 1 mile for each out and back.  I arbitrarily decide to do..ten of these.

It really wasn’t that bad.  In fact, my knees hurt a little afterwards, but my quads were fine, so I either 1) didn’t push it enough 2) didn’t do enough repeats.  I really wanted to tax my downhill legs, so I am sure it was better to do the training than not.

Overall, a great day in the woods with friends!

This is not the best written blog post, but I received not very good news about one of our dogs, Tino, on Friday afternoon.

Tino has the same type of mast cell tumor that our dog Sandal had.  Sandal just died in January, and this was not the news we thought we would receive about Tino.  We’re going to get him to Medvets, in Columbus Ohio, as quickly as possible. Of course, it’s not good that we already “know the routine”.  I hope this may be a simple excision of the cancerous tumor and it has not spread. I have to keep the most positive outlook until I am told otherwise.

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