Shamrock Shuffle 5K Race Report

Yes, another 5K for me.   
This 5K got off promptly at 914 am.
Cambridge, Ohio, is a very hilly town, so this was a pretty “flat” course compared to what side streets we could have went up and down.
The first 1/2 mile is mainly down and I try to hammer it.  Then it turns to uphill, heading toward a cemetery, and I am amused by how many people I pass here.  First mile: 907.
Second mile is a loop around the cemetery, in 8.48.  
Third mile we are headed back uphill toward the YMCA.  I focus on the pavement and think about the 5K road section of MMT and what good training this is.  Third mile? 8.27
I finish in 27.10 (Garmin unofficial) 
I then ate a sugar cookie which I am pretty sure negated the calorie burn from the 5K.  Then I went to Salt Fork and did 11 more miles on the roads and the Buckeye Trail (more on that soon.)

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