Weekend Recap

It was a great weekend!
This will be pretty short, as I was gone most of Saturday and Sunday…out running!

Ran the Shamrock Shuffle.  Ran a  27.10.  Then I went off to Salt Fork, put the pack on, and ran.
Ugh! I don’t know whether it was the combination of the 5K, with no pack, or the heat, but I wasn’t really feeling the love on these miles.

Which is fine. Sometimes you don’t feel the love, so it works out well when you are on a loop that takes you away from your vehicle.

So I got 15 miles in for Saturday

 Sunday Buzzard’s Day FA

A good group of folks showed up for Roy and Shannon’s 2nd Annual Buzzard Day Fat Ass.

 This was in Hinckley, Ohio, where, on March 15, every year, the buzzards return to Hinckley.

 The legend of the annual return of the buzzards (turkey vultures) to Buzzard Roost in the Cleveland Metroparks goes back nearly a century in Hinckley history. Legend has it that they were first attracted by the tons of butchering refuse and unwanted game left behind in the great Hinckley Hunt of 1818, but additional historical research among the records of the Sylvester Library of Medina uncovered an old manuscript by William Coggswell, who as a youth with his uncle, Gibson Gates, were the first white men to set foot in the township in 1810. 

This manuscript told of their expedition from Bath and Richfield through Hinckley, and of finding the “vultures of the air” at the gallows at Big Bend of Rocky River around the foot of the ledges where the Wyandots had hanged a squaw for witchcraft two years before. This indicated that these turkey vultures had made their home on Hinckley Ridge long before the white men settled west of the Cuyahoga River, and it moved their occupancy back into the midst of the Indians legend. 

The Cleveland Metroparks welcome visitors yearly on March 15 to the Buzzard Roost in Hinckley Reservation. With a traditional “Buzzard Spotter” (for many years retired ranger Roger Lutz and now the chief naturalist Robert Hinkle) the first buzzard’s time of arrival is clocked. The event is hailed as a sign of spring in the Midwest by all who attend.

And crowded it was!  We did spot our first buzzard right by Hinckley Lake.  This was an 8 mile loop, which took us around the lake, through Whipps Ledges, through a meadow, a little road, some Buckeye Trail, and some ups and downs.  A very nice loop.

I did the full 50K, and as I stopped the Garmin, I was pleasantly surprised to see it read 7.00.  Wow!  This was with stopping at the Aid Station, at the start/finish area, and I wasn’t particularly moving quickly through there, and I chatted with Roy and a reporter person on one trip through.  I took my time, not really pushing anything, as the temperatures got up around 75 degrees or so.   

So I had a great weekend of running!  Onto the next Fat Ass, at Mohican, this coming Saturday! 

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