Aid Station Report “Forget the PR” 25 & 50K Race

It was our 4th annual “Forget the PR” 25k and 50K….another successful race.

Unseasonable warm weather for the runners. It was hot and humid out there.

Rob paid me a high compliment by having me start the 50K race.  Of course, I had to first go set up my aid station, then rush back to the Starting Line to get there before the race started!
One of the signs I made and posted on the course as I  marked trail Saturday.
I captained the Fire Tower Aid Station again.   The 25k and 50K runners came through our Aid Station at mile 5.  It was astonishing how much FOOD they were eating at mile 5.   Apparently nobody ate breakfast that morning!
It was a warm day.  The runners were very sweaty but still energized at mile 5.
The 50K runners then returned to us at Mile 19.9.  It was a far different picture on most of the runners on the return.  It was pretty much the first “HOT” weather day of the year for everyone, so there were alot of heat issues with runners-upset stomachs, cramps, fatigue.  
It was a busy time at the Fire Tower.  We were repaid for our suffering at the FT this year. Last year, the weather was in the 50’s and windy for the race. Since the Fire Tower is on the highest point of land, we were in sustained winds.  It was cold and miserable.
This year, it was hot and windy.  That meant, although it was in the 70’s, it was pleasant and non-humid up on the Fire Tower plot.  It was nice to hang out in shorts and race shirts and be comfortable as we catered to the runners.
A troop of Boy Scout types hiked up to the Fire Tower and had lunch as my AS was winding down.  We were packing gear away, and I glanced over at the boys.  I grabbed my open bags of potato chips, pretzels,  and walked over to the troop.  I explained I was packing up my aid station, and would they like some leftover jelly beans-chips-pretzels-bananas?
In about a minute, my open containers of food were gone! The raccoons were unlucky as they got much less leftovers than is usually tossed into the woods.  The boys even ate up my PBJ and rehydrated themselves with water and even Heed, after I explained what it was. 
My last runner was through before 2pm and I rewarded myself by hanging out at the Finish Line a bit longer than usual.  But it was a beautiful day, and I felt like rewarding myself.
The weekend went by too quickly. Although I was glad to be home again, I wished the Mohican weekend could have been four days long.

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