Barkley History

I am such a Barkley geek.

I’ve been fascinated by this race since I became an ultra runner.  When I had my podcast, in 2007, I had the pleasure of interviewing Laz and then Flying Brian Robinson after his course record.

I’ve been following the limited words and pics that have made it out of Frozen Head this past weekend. Part of the fun is the sometimes cryptic messages and long lag times in updates.

Also part of the fun is there is no Entrants List. Some runners outed themselves; others knew of folks running.  More people get revealed when folks start requesting updates on Twitter on certain runners. 

This was an EPIC Barkley weekend.

First, Brett Maune becomes the first person to finish the Barkley TWICE.  He also sets a new course record
in 52 hours 3 minutes.

Then Jared Campbell makes it back to camp, finishing Barkley on his first try, ALSO breaking the old course record held by Flying Brian Robinson, in 56:00.

John Fegyveresi was still “Out There”.

Idly checking my emails, I see that John was chasing the clock.  Wow. It would suck to just miss the cut off.
Then, one email!  A headlamp has been spotted, with 20 minutes to spare!!

Wow,  now I’m not doing anything but waiting for an email update,  and sure enough John Fegyveresi finishes also, in 59 hours 41 minutes! 

Three Barkley finishers. Wow.  History.

But let’s not also forget more history.

Beverly Anderson Abs became the 1st female since 2001 to finish the Fun Run.  I forget her time right now, but it’s a great step in the right direction!

Ok, I am still all amped up.  I wish I could go for a run right now.

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